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  1. joqubr
    just gettin' started with the saltwater tank
  2. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Bjc277v
    Welcome to Larc, we are glad to have you join us here.
    Hope you find all the information you are looking for and if not don't be shy in asking a question by starting your own post.
  3. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa I'm a natural blue
    Welcome to LaRC, glad to have you join us here.
    When you are ready feel free to post in the ''New to LaRC'' forum so members can welcome you to our community.
  4. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa watchout4me
    Hello and welcme to larc.
    I see that you have joined us over a year ago and have not made any post.
    Fully understand getting your toes wet before introducing yourself. Feel free to make a post in the ''New to Larc'' forum and tell us a little about yourself and your tank.
    Coral for sale
  6. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa pecanreefer
    Welcome to Larc, glad to have you join us here.
    My inner reef geek is telling me that you may be somehow connected to our other member @pecanislandreefer
    Either way I hope you are able to enjoy the many discussions within the forums on Larc.
    Be sure to introduce yourself when you are ready to do so in the ''New to Larc '' forum.
  7. osborneag
    osborneag ilovesushi
    Hey lee,

    BluewaterLA indicated you may have an extra tank/HOB filter lying around that you may be willing to part with... I'm trying to find something to use as a QT tank for my 75 gallon reef.
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    2. BluewaterLa
      Show DiD haha.
      Aug 9, 2017
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    3. ilovesushi
      Yes I still have it. Text me 5049391670
      Aug 10, 2017
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  8. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Paul Tran
    Welcome to Larc Paul.
    Glad to have you join us here. Hope you find plenty of useful information in the many threads available on the forum.
    Please feel free to introduce yourself in the ''New to Larc'' forum and tell us a little about yourself and tank.
  9. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Nathan
    Welcome to Larc, glad to have you join our community.
    Feel free to introduce yourself and your tank when you are ready in the ''new to Larc'' forum.
    1. NATHAN
      Will do, thanks. I don't remember off the top of my head all the specs of my equipment, that's why i haven't done the new member post yet. But I will.
      Aug 28, 2017
  10. bandit1994
    I am blessed to have a good lfs for sure and I am blessed even more to have a great reef club to call my family
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  11. reefMD
    reefMD Magixxx
    Bought a Berserker bounce mushroom. Excellent quality nicely packaged and shipped larger than expected.
  12. Kujo
    Starting the Cycle!
  13. eaglereefer
    New to Reefkeeping. Want to share my experiences with the community.
  14. THEGREGSTER70458
    thegregster70458 coryjac0b
    I have live rock if you want I'm in picayune 4 bucks a pound
  15. Mscandice1212
    Mscandice1212 Ernest1112
    How much for 125 set up?
  16. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa pecanislandreefer
    Welcome to Larc !
    We are glad to have you join us. Feel free to look around the forum on the many threads for informative information OR start one of your own.
    Everyone here is eager to help one another, learn and share knowledge to advance in the hobby.
    Also there is a new to larc forum for new members to introduce themselves and have members welcome them.
  17. jleblanc26
  18. Daniel Broussard
    Daniel Broussard
    Remembering good times with good friends, damn good shrimp, fantastic prizes and forever memories.
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  19. Daniel Broussard
    Daniel Broussard
    Wondering just how Coral Fever's resident shrimp population feels about our upcoming June 3rd Shrimp Boil?
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    2. BluewaterLa
      Hungry, eager to join in the feast just not from the pot !
      May 29, 2017
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  20. clsanchez77
    What is wealth? Having sufficient resources to build and maintain a reef tank, that is wealth!