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  1. minhvu
    Good. Been busy with daughter soccer league. Join the board there so all my free time is going there
    kirkleigh84 minhvu
    Never thought you would ever say that lol. Im starting another one up. Hows everything in your world
  3. minhvu
    Sup buddy. Not yet, still enjoying tankless
    kirkleigh84 minhvu
    Hey. You ever start a new tank yet
  5. Slone22
    Slone22 Razzmatazz
    Hey. Do you still have that skimmer and do you want to sale it. And would it work on a 125. If you still have it I would like to buy it.
  6. BASQUE99
    Basque99 reefMD
    Best price on Rasta colony?
  7. Chris Guidry
    Chris Guidry seth&angelle
    Hey Seth. I’m gonna hook up the apex that was on the tank from dr bourges house. Do u know the username and password? Or do u know if i can do a restore to factory settings? I haven’t messed with it yet. I sold mine and i was gonna hook that one up tomorrow.
    1. seth&angelle
      It should be default.

      Mar 30, 2018
  8. Jenius8477
    Always learn something new. When you stop learning, you stop living.
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  9. FAT
    What salinity for lps?
    1. BluewaterLa
      1.024 to 1.026 is a good range for all corals.
      Mar 25, 2018
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    Dustin feagley ItWasLuck
    Hey is the zeo reactor still for sale?
  11. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa jeff pruitt
    I see you are residing in Slidell too.
    Welcome to Larc !
    Glad to have you here with us, when you are ready make sure to introduce yourself in the ''New to Larc'' forum.
  12. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Andy504
    Happy Birthday !
  13. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa eaglereefer
    Happy Birthday !!
  14. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa robertjphd71
    Happy Birthday !
  15. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Homestead_Dad
    Happy Birthday !!
  16. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa pecanreefer
    Happy Birthday !
  17. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa thaitopher
    Happy Birthday !
  18. Slone22
  19. clsanchez77
    1. BluewaterLa
      Yes indeed, still keeping above the water line just enough to breath out of one nostril HA
      Jan 10, 2018
  20. John Mills
    John Mills
    I'd love to show my tank or see yours. Text me at (713) 492-6850 if you'd like to catch up!