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  1. thegregster70458
    thegregster70458 coryjac0b
    I have live rock if you want I'm in picayune 4 bucks a pound
  2. Mscandice1212
    Mscandice1212 Ernest1112
    How much for 125 set up?
  3. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa pecanislandreefer
    Welcome to Larc !
    We are glad to have you join us. Feel free to look around the forum on the many threads for informative information OR start one of your own.
    Everyone here is eager to help one another, learn and share knowledge to advance in the hobby.
    Also there is a new to larc forum for new members to introduce themselves and have members welcome them.
  4. jleblanc26
  5. Daniel Broussard
    Daniel Broussard
    Remembering good times with good friends, damn good shrimp, fantastic prizes and forever memories.
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  6. Daniel Broussard
    Daniel Broussard
    Wondering just how Coral Fever's resident shrimp population feels about our upcoming June 3rd Shrimp Boil?
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    2. BluewaterLa
      Hungry, eager to join in the feast just not from the pot !
      May 29, 2017
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  7. clsanchez77
    What is wealth? Having sufficient resources to build and maintain a reef tank, that is wealth!
  8. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa jleblanc26
    Just seen your updated avatar pic, man little bit isn't so little anymore !
    Beautiful girl you got there, keep her close and don't blink
  9. jleblanc26
    jleblanc26 rw85
    happy birthday, have a good one!
  10. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa DannyLee99
    Welcome to Larc
    GB is that the goodbee area ?
  11. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Angie
    Welcome to Larc !
    Glad you joined the community, feel free to sift through all the forums for,great information or post any questions you may have.
    We also like to welcome new members in a forum section "new to Larc " where introductions are made and pictures of your system is a bonus.
    Hope you stick around and join in the discussions.
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  12. lars
    lars wazzel
    Hey man, I know your in Hammond but if there's anyway for me to get one of those pc acros I'd like too. I was supposed to get one from you at the brk meet at aquatic sealife but you forgot to bring my frag. If there's a way we can hook up let me know please.
  13. jrisley
    Thinking about a new build.
  14. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa tedsport
    Welcome to Larc, glad to have you join !
    Hope you find that our forum is helpful and inviting for you to make some post of your own or join in one of the many discussions within the forums.
    If you have any questions relating to the forum and need help there is a couple places for such post and stickies pinned at the top of each forum with good information.
  15. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa lerillereef
    Welcome to Larc !
    Feel free to browse around the many forums available searching for information or post a question you may have.
    We also like to welcome new members into our community via the "new to Larc forum"
    If you want you can use this to introduce yourself and your tank.
  16. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa laladner06
    Welcome to Larc. Glad to have you here.
    Feel free to make a post in the "new to Larc " forum, introduce yourself and tell us a little about your system.
    We like pictures, hint hint
    Most here enjoy answering questions and joining in discussing all things reef related, sometimes non reef related as well.
  17. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Mojoman
    Welcome to Larc !
    Glad you joined our reefing library of information.
    Feel free to introduce yourself and allow members to welcome you properly.
    Look for the "new to Larc" forum
  18. BluewaterLa
    BluewaterLa Jonathan
    Welcome to Larc !
    Glad to have you join us here.
    No pressure, feel free to join in any discussion or ask questions. We like to help one another grow / advance in the hobby.
  19. Ernest1112
    Thinking I'm going to sale my 125 reef tank
  20. mgbunch
    mgbunch NOLA_Sailor
    hey is the RBTA still available?