7 month old 54g Corner

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  1. Just thought that I would share a pic of my 54g corner, I am running a cascade cannister filter, a small backpak skimmer and a 200gph powerhead for additional flow. I have also changed the lighting since this picture, I was using a coralife 96w pc and I have recently changed to a 250w 20k MH. I am still trying to work out the details of taking pictures with the blue light and the bow front. I hope that joining this group helps me keep my interest in being a salty.
  2. I love the set-up! It looks very natural with the wide sandy bottom.
    How do you like your new lights? Pics?
    I see the clown, damsel and tang... any other critters?
  3. setup

    I love the new 20k mh, really changes the way the corals look in the tank. THey overall seem to like the light better also. I have 2 true perc clowns in there, I have a green citron goby, 6 line wrasse, the yellow tang, and the velvet damsel that you can see rather clearly. I am in the works of taking new pics, but its not real easy with the blue tint from the MH, my camera automatically wants to flash. But with a bowfront tank, the flash is a bad thing. I am working on some new pics with the new light and will post them as soon as I get them. Thanks also!!! I am trying to keep a nice ballance between coral and fish.
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    Nola exile in Florida
    that tank looks so familiar...man, i think it belongs to some moron that loves to piss ppl off by walking in at 6:59 when the shops about to close...damn could this be Chris Mace? :lol:
  5. Hey Ian, give me a call when you get a chance. You can call me at 2744181, got some questions.
  6. nice and clean!
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    nice tank, can't wait to see the new pics :)
  8. THanks everyone

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, you people have really made me feel good about my "little" tank. I dont have much, but if there is anything that I can help out with please let me know. I would be more than happy to try to frag something that someone was interested in, although I have never done anything like that. I am up to try new things.
  9. Chris,
    Tank looks good. I know it is even better now with the halide. Your coral will like the light better also.
    Later Lonny.
  10. Great looking tank you got there!! So clean and clear, it appears to not have water in it! 8)
  11. thanks Carl, I go through alot to make sure that I dont get any algea. I constantly add new snails and hermits, plus I keep the filter running on it 24/7. Some think that this is a bad idea but, I personally think that its prettier clean, that with a ton of coral and fish in it. Although I have seen people that have a bunch of coral and fish and their water looks like mine too. I just want a clean tank. Hey Carl, arent you the one that has all that stuff for sale?? If so, are you going to sale that nano? I would love to find a used one for my little girl, otherwise I will have to buy a new one.. not that its really that expensive. Thanks again man!
  12. Does your velvet damsel bully everyone around? Mine did. Had to get rid of that bugger. He's at the LFS now.
  13. Well, I have bought a 90g RR and I will be setting it up over the course of the next 2 weeks. During the process I will be posting pics so that people can see the progress.

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