A tale of two stylos

Discussion in 'Large Polyp Stonies' started by Lloyd Williams, Nov 20, 2017.

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    I have two stylo. I loosely say two because I’ve dragged the purple to technically be two and I have a green. Thing is purple was struggling when I got it now it beautiful and growing. Green was beautiful when I got it and now it’s pretty much a skeleton. What could cause one to do great and the other to wither away?

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    Flow, lighting, etc. There's a number of reasons why one could be doing well and one not. You can have them right next to each other and the situations be completely different for each one.
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    Yep, will need more info. They may have also come from different settings and do not want/desire identical parameters in captivity. Perhaps one was diseased and the other healthy. Really hard to tell as we are dealing with living beings...simples ones, but living beings nonetheless.

    You have any pictures of them?

    Also, stylos are SPS :D
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    All good suggestions above and I agree with them.
    Would like to add that one could have been a more conditioned specimen to aquarium life or the time you got the green one may have been different than the purple one. Your tank may have not been ready for sps when the green one was placed into your tank.
    Another thing could have been the tanks that the green or purple came from could have had one that was similar to your tank so the transition was good while the other was too different from your tank causing stress and it never recovered.
    Then there is a long list of other causes and possibilities.
    I can frag any sps from my tank, say I make four frags. All four could do great OR I could have one or more die off while the others do great all in the same spot in the same tank so there is sometimes other things at play here like bacterial infections around the site where it was fragged or could have gotten damaged in some way and even just stress from fragging can / does kill corals.

    Give us some more information on the tank parameters, conditions and time lines of when the corals were added to the tank.
    Moving a frag causes stress even in the same tank just one inch over, stinging from other corals is common, chemical warfare from softies is a real thing along with the fact that the two corals although both sps and both stylophora they are still two individuals unique in many ways.
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