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Discussion in 'Fish' started by Anonymous, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. hey yall, ill be purchasing a 55gal. fish tank and everythin for a fish only setup and i was wonderin if anyone had any suggestions on wat fish and other stock i should put in. heres wat i was thinkin on fish:

    pair of cinnabar clowns
    a dwarf fuzzy lionfish
    a leaf fish
    and a few other fish

    any suggestions would be great and it would be appreciated if u checked out my 20gal fish tank. im sellin it to pay off part of this.

  2. well, u kno nick i presume, well hes one of my best friends and im buyin his 55gal, stand, and hood for $100 so im past sizing. thanks for the advice but ive already taken nick up on the offer :)
    any advice on fish or stock would be greatly appreciated tho

    thanx bunches,
  3. nm yall, im just sellin my 10gal and all my freshwater stuff so im upgrading my 20gal, so any advice for that would be appreciated. o, and check out my post about it plz.


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