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  1. does anyone have any advice on lights. i have t-5, one white 10K and one actinic. but everyone says HALIDE. what success have each of you had with your lights without going full on 600-1000 dollar lights. like diy, less watts etc. i have a 75 gallon 48"X18"X20", by the way. thanks for the advice. i know the metal halides are beautiful but what's necessary? if i want corals.
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    I ran 4 x 110w VHO lights on my 55gl and my corals looked good to me.
    I know someone local that runs 440w VHO on there 75 gl and there corals are doing great. I have to say though that the "corals" I am talking about are softies, zoos, and a few LPS.
    IMO if softies and zoos are going to be your corals of choice VHO is hard to beat for the $$. They also do not produce alot of heat like MH.
    I personally do not like the look of any PC bulbs that I have seen, but that is just my personnel opinion.
    Hope that helps some.
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    thanks i've seen the no, vho and pc and mh advertised, but like you said until you see them you don't know what looks good and works good. i'm just starting out so that would be a good set up i think. do you have a brand preference or a brand that you don't like? thanks again ;)

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