Algae-Free Tiger Shark magcleaner

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Kirk_M, May 7, 2006.

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    I just got one of these as I needed something that could handle the much thicker glass of my new tank. I considered the Magfloat, Magnavore, Tunze, and AlgaeFree magnets. The magnavore and the Tunze for this thickness glass did not float, so, they were out of the question. The magfloat's largest size (500 model) could handle the thickness of glass, but, for as expensive as these magnets are at this size, I thought I'd go with something more attractive, so I decided on the Algae Free Tiger Shark. Also, it was on sale at Premium Aquatics for $20 off. I was really hesitant to spend close to $100 on a magnetic float cleaner, but, I am not at all disappointed with it. The nice WOODEN outside component is very attractive, and the inside is black ABS, so it would blend in well with a black tank background. The magnet strength is excellent at a 3/4" gap. This float is no child's could easily break your finger if you mishandle it, or, it could shatter your glass if you let it slap together against it when first putting it into the tank instead of following the very specific instructions.

    I also got an Easy Blade attachment for future use with cleaning off coralline where I don't want it be. The razor blade is retractable, so, you wont endanger your silicone when at the corners. Looks like it will work well...will keep you posted.

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