anybody know about flatworms?

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  1. it seems that 2 balls of chaeto i got along with my LR has flatworms. i threw away the chaeto once i was informed that what i had was flatworms, but i'm still worried/wondering about how to handle making sure i get rid of them all.

    #1. 95% of the flatworms i had were on the chaeto. with them gone i barely have any left in my fuge. some may have gotten in my display tho
    #2. i am at the beginning of my cycle.
    #3. tank is empty except LS and LR.

    can i just wait for the flatworms to die off? i figure they need a food source of some kind to survive, and a cycling tank probably doesn't provide them with anything.

    or should i look into using flatworm eXit during my cycle?

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    I successfully treated my tank with flatworm exit with no losses. It's the dead flatworms that are harmful to your reef system, not the flatworm exiot treatment. So I would treat the tank, do the recommended water changes, and continue testing the water for the cycle to complete.
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    also....for those of you with established tanks and don't like chemicals, spotted mandrins have been observed feeding on flatworms and red bugs too <I think>
  4. i had flatworms and i put a six line wrasse in my tank, and have yet to see another one, and he also ate my bristleworms which is notr he greatest thing but i dont have to worry about picking up rock anymore
  5. oh and btw flatworm exit is good stuff, i have used it on another system and it does wonders, but when you introduce corals and more rock, you may add more to your tank so thats why you should always freshwater dip everything

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