anyone know a good LFS in Houston?

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  1. I'll be going to houston next weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of any really nice LFS there to look at. I'm probably not going to be buying anything, but i'd like to go and check out a nice LFS or two. Also, are there any impressive aquariums there???
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    I haven't run across any aquariums in houston, but I can help with some LFS....

    They're not the *best* stores I've seen, but there are a couple worth visiting.

    City pets. It's really easy to get to....take I59 <aka "the southwest freeway> heading out of town....take the beechnut exit and go westbound. The store is on the left just before you get to Beltway 8

    Global pets. I mention this one only because it's on the way to the next one... From city pets, find a main avenue heading north and go up a few blocks to Bellvue....head east bound.....I don't remember the exact address, but it's in a strip mall in a Korean/Chinese community....not much to look at, but every now and then they have a gem

    Fish Ranch.....Continue east bound, back towards I59 on Bellvue...just after you cross under I59, turn left, northbound, on the access road that parallels the interstate......go about 2 blocks and turn right and the store will be there on the right. This place has a 1200g tank with a 40+lb grouper and a pair of 6ft + moray eels in's not well lit though
    This place is also geared more towards fish....lot's of fish to choose from

    Last one I hit regularly is near the Hobby airport....Pet Depot or something like's on Almeda-Genoa off of I49 <that the freeway to galveston>

    There's another one downtown, Village Pets, that's cool, but I can't tell you how to get there....

    If you're really looking to kill some time @ fish stores, visit the MARSH website...I think they have a list of all the houston LFS the very least you can visit the stores that are sponsers of the'll at least find a few addresses so you can google map them...
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    Check out Village Pets...they had some really nice corals when I was there for Katrina. Had one of the cleanest stores I had EVER seen too.
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    Here is a list of some LFS that we have been to in the past. There are some that have moved and opened under new management. As said before just check the Marsh site in the vendor section you will find details there. The two main stores I like to visit are City Pets and Global Fish. Now if you have time Aquarium World has a nice set up, waterfall included but overpriced.

    City Pets - 9901 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77036 - (713) 271-7387
    Global Fish - N - Pet - 8880 Bellaire Blvd., Suite F, Houston, TX 77036 - (713)771- 4848
    is located at the corner of Bellaire and Gessner in the Fiesta Shopping Center
    Fish Ranch II - 6734 Larkwood Dr, Houston, TX 77074-3518 - (713) 779-2593
    (Unless it has improved not worth the trouble)
    Village Tropical Fish - 3612 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098 - (713) 524-0173
    Aquarium World - 13157 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040 - (713) 329-9989

  5. THANKS!

    thanks so much for the responses and the PM. I'll be trying to make it to several of these stores. I really doubt i'll buy anything but i just like looking at what there is to offer. Especially since i might be moving to houston later in the summer.

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