Anyone like Dart Frogs?

Discussion in 'The Sump' started by Anonymous, May 19, 2006.

  1. Well I don't have a reef tank to show, so I'd figure I'd post something. Currently I have some Blue Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobates azureus), and these guys are pretty small at about 1". Anyways, thought you guys may enjoy some pics. 8)



  2. Travis

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    I have done alot of research on PDFs but I never committed to buying anything. Hows about a FTS?
  3. typo

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    Jefferson Park
    do you culture your own fruit flys? i had some about 6 years ago and i got tired of the flies. they are cool though.
  4. Thanks for the comments. :D

    Travis - I'll get a FTS once I get my camera fixed.

    typo - Yes, I culture my own flies, and yes it is somewhat frustrating and tiresome. Nothing is possibly worse than the smell of a 1.5 month old FF culture. :oops:
  5. eww.

    The things your mother lets you do :shock:

    -- Dad
  6. EBN has some nice dart frogs in, just FYI i know they're hard to find..
  7. I had the Alanis morph of that species for a while....had an internal parasite and died.....noah's wouldt give me my money back.....never shop there.....not that they have any salt water stuff worth whiping your arse with.

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