Aquarium of the Americas - reopens

Discussion in 'The Sump' started by Pettee86, May 26, 2006.

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    Metairie, LA
    Starting this weekend the Aquarium of the Americas reopens :D :D
    More life back in New Orleans :D
    Might be going myself this weekend
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    I saw coverage on CNN yesterday. They had one of their reporters doing live shots all day from the AOTA. From what I saw, it may actually be more impressive than before (not immediately, but in time). We went there the Friday before the storm and thought about it a lot when everything was happening in N.O. Very sad story then but a very good story now. Aquariums, marinas, zoos, etc etc from all over the country donated all of the new livestock.
  3. My fiance and I are going to the aquarium early tomorrow. We already had plans to go pick up my parents' dogs from NOLA to dogsit while they're out of the country so we decided to swing by the aquarium too!
    I'll be sure to bring my digi-camera to post pics here.
  4. yea, I went today. Very nice they have done a great job getting the place back in shape. I was very impressed, considering.

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