bigger pump or powerhead?

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bigger pump or powerhead?

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  1. larger pump with no power heads

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  2. smaller pump with a powerhead or two

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  3. doesnt matter

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  1. I am currently setting up one of my 29g to be a barebottom sps tank and was wondering, do you guys think it would be better to use a larger pump and no powerheads or a smaller one with powerheads?and what gph pump should i get?
  2. I would rather a bigger pump and no powerheads, i think it looks cleaner.

    However, you don't want to use your return pump for the main source of flow. Best bet is to get a pump suited for your overflow but you dont want the water rushing through the sump. Then get a closed loop setup.



    As you can see i had no powerheads. I had a mag 7 return on my 29g that is now on my 58g tank, and it blows pretty hard. I only need a mag 5 on my 58g. I plan on getting a closed loop setup shortly.

    Whatever works for you though and fits your needs and budget.

    With a barebottom you can definitely use a closed loop pump and get some nice flow blowing in there!
  3. I'd get a powerhead or two that way you can point the flow in different spots so you dont have any dead spots. BTW for the powerheads seio's are awesome. There no tunze's, but close. They still have a nice wide spread and there moderatly inexpensive.
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    I had a 29g SPS tank a few weeks back then came Rita...

    If you want to use one large pump, I'd use a Mag-18, yes that's right, Mag-18.

    We're talking about SPS tanks right? So that would give you a turn over rate of 62Xs which is PERFECT for SPS IME.

    Hope this helps,

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