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Discussion in 'Vendor Experience' started by coryjac0b, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Well last week i was in need of some joe's juice so i called aquatic specialties, asked if they had it, they did, got it, and it works wonders. Well today i noticed one or 2 more will scraping the inside of my tank, then i notice a few more and a few more (aiptasia). So all in all i count about 15 more little sprouts. So i decide that there are probably more than i can see so i need a peppermint shrimp. I call my usual places, they say they are out. I get desperate and call Causway pets, in metairie LA. I talk to the fella there and he says he has 1, and im like ok great, hold it for me, so he does. I get there i look in the tank and it appears as though there are camel shrimp in the same tank. I ask for help, and i tell him who i was, blah blah blah. He goes in the tank with the net, which he thought was a peppermint shrimp. I ask him "isnt that the camel shrimp, with the hump on its back?" he replies " oh no this is a peppermint shrimp" and i ask 2 or 3 more times, and hes persistent about it. So i think ok well he does work in a pet shop, maybe i don't know everything, he bags it, rings me up, i take it home, acclimate it, while it is in the specimen container i compare it to pictures, and he sold me the wrong thing. So i guess yes i am a little pissed off that i got sold the wrong thing, but not so bad is it only cost 6$. It's just another case of even though you work in a pet shop you don't know everything. Not talking bad about any other places except causeway pets. i have never had at any of the other places i have shopped at, i.e. rick's, aquatic specialties, coral connection. needless to say i won't be going there ever again.

    k, i got my "***** fit" off my chest. :)
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    well you might be even more pissed when i tell you camel shrimp are extremely prone to eating corals. they arent recommended for reef aquaria. so, i hope your not doing a reef? if so i would strongly advise you get him outta there soon. take it and photos of both camel shrimp and peppermint shrimp and show them the difference and ask for a refund.

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