Digatata to Capricornis

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  1. How do the light needs of montipora digitata compair to the needs of montipora capricornis? I know Capricornis will do just fine under PC but will Digitata?
  2. i've kept digitata under 4x96w PC in my 75g just fine.

    it had good polyp extension and growth even on the sandbed.
  3. I have 72 Watts PC on my ten gallon, if everything else is adequate, will that be sufficent?
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    More than sufficient, montipora GENERALLY doesnt require "perfect" conditions like other sos, there are some species that do tho. I'd be more concerned about temperature flux and amount of water changes you do per month. it is harder to keep a smaller aquarium toxin free that a larger one, auctally with that amount of light you could probably keep most sps, the coloration of the corals just wont be as intense as with halides

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