Dr. Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes

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  1. I came across Dr. Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes, 3rd edition at a Bit torrent site. It is the entire book, 793 pages. I have posted it on one of my servers for you guys to download if you want too. It is large, 103MB and it requires DJVU veiwer to look at it, but it is free as well. I will leave the link active for a while but due to its size I will shut it down after a month or two and I'll drop off copies at SF or bring some to a monthly meeting.

    This is the Book:
    This is the viewer:
    If you need a utility to unpack the Atlas it is here:

    Enjoy! James
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    Thanks alot for sharing :lol:
  3. I found it by just looking around. I wasn't looking for it, but I just saw it while digging for new music on a bit torrent site. I have a huge "backup" collection of music, About 160gigs now All catorgized by Artist, Full Albums, Tracks and cover art. Once we finish the new front end I might throw a link for others to try it out. The new interface is user based and can remember your custom play list and make recomendations based on what you've been listening to and streams it over the web. We just upgraded the server to 1TB(6x350gb) of Hard Drive space mirrored w/ 2GB Ram and have over half of it full with music, vids, and apps. The music started as a hobbie of mine and a coworker but we have been doing it so long that we are members of sites that do not allow new registration to protect themselves. But if you want a few nice torrent sites that are open I could give you a few. Torrents are slower than a direct download but time is no big deal, we have 2-4 machines that just DL things for us in the back ground as well as our everyday PC's. So if you're looking for something let me know. And before the question comes out most of the music is Rock/Alternative and clasic rock, no country and some R&B and Hip-Hop/ top 40.

    But I keep an Eye out for Aquarium related stuff and will post when I find stuff.

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    thanks, very nice of you. :D

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