end of poll mar 18.

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  1. poll has ended 3-18-06
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    i have a 140 gallon sump on my 180 gallon tank. The sump is filled with live rock and I just ordered 28 red mangroves to put in there. Not only is it a place to put the skimmer, heaters, etc., but it almost doubles the water volume of my tank, which in turn 250 or so gallons is able to be stabilized easier than 150 gallons of water. I also placed one MH over the sump in preparation for the mangroves. I think this will provide an awesome biological filter bed for my acro tank.
  3. (LSB) Tri-Layered

    first layer, is aragonite live crushed coral. appx. 3" deep. second layer, is fiji "pink" LS appx. 5" third layer, assorted LR, some slightly above surface. various macros & coralline.

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