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  1. Just wanting to know what everyone uses as filter media in the sump.. and or anywhere else.

  2. Sump sock.
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    In my setup, the sump is only water volume and equipment that I don't want in the display such as heaters, skimmer, etc. My filtration was done by a combination of the live sand and live rock, which were in the display as well as live rock, sand and macro algea located in the refugium.
    You can put a filter sock, some live rock, or bio balls in the sump, bio balls being a last resort as they are a HUGE nitrate factory.
    From what I saw of your tank when I was at your house, you have plenty of rock/sand, as well as the rock I saw in the first chamber of your sump.
    Tank is lookin' good. Keep up the good work.
  4. I have gone back and forth on the sock issue over the years. The one thing that I like with the sock is the smaller amount of freefloating gunk in the water. All of my tanks have two drains and only one is filterd so as to feed the refuguem's.
    I as well have my skimmer, phosban reactor, carbon, 1 heater and the uv ster. in the sump.

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