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  1. What type of food do I give my 12"snowflake eel? He is about as wide as a nickel. I went to my LFS but they only recommened frozen brine shrimp. I always thought eels needed something meaty but no such luck yet.
    Any suggestions?
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    dustin, when we kept a snowflake moray we mainly feed it raw shrimp that you can get at a seafood market. Try to get it as fresh as possible, and soak some of it in vitamins. If you decide to freeze some use RO water in the bag so the shrimp won’t spoil from the chlorine or chloramines. Also if you really want to see a show catch some baby blue crabs 1" to 1 1/2", pull the pinchers toss in tank the moray will love you for it. The snowflakes are mainly crustacean eaters hence the smooth rounded snout.

  3. I like to feed them grass shrimp. We would go and catch them our self, but you can buy them in LFS and Wally world but expect to pay .20 a shrimp. the nice thing about the grass shrimp is that they will live for several days in salt water, giving the hunter time to hunt.
  4. If you're in NO, Jefferson Feed on Jefferson Davis has glass shrimp 14/$1.
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    I can't recommend an extended diet of glass shrimp being they are a freshwater species and generally do not contain essential minerals and fats that a saltwater species will....

    I did say "extended"...they can be a nice treat every now and then, but not the majority of it's diet.

    Next time you're in a LFS, ask them about whole frozen Krill. Krill is basically a shrimp looking critter that's about 2" long...whole frozen with it's head and all. My snowflake loves the stuff.....also being your eel is so large, you'll be able to try silversides....those are fresh frozen "bait fish" as my dad calls them...

    Either of those two frozen foods can be a total and healty diet for an eel....but a variety is better....
  6. see if you can get smelt at chinese food stores ( like where you buy nori). They're usually like 4 for $1 or so. You can also buy silversides at some pets stores but silversides are expensive and can be hard to find at certain times of the year.
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    i use a whole defrosted just grabs it right out of my fingertips!! :D :lol:

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