fraging tongue coral

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  1. anyone ever frag a tongue coral mine is getting to big & I dont know how.
    I started a thread on r.c. buthavent gotten any responce yet.
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    When Borneman was at 7 Seas last November, he was cutting up EVERYTHING with a jeweler's table saw. How well some of this stuff survived, I don't know...anyone here get any of these "frags" and how did they make out?
  3. I use a dremel with diamond cutting wheel on my lps and sps when someone wants a frag. You can keep the corals out the water for quite some time with no ill effects. I also did not bother with a saltwater trickle when using the dremel. Jen bought me the saw like Borneman used and it works well when cutting big pieces. I would just cut the tongue coral with a table saw (if you have access) for a cleaner cut since you were saying it is rather large.
  4. One more thing, when using the saw on a large meaty coral like that, make sure you cover your eyes and face before cutting. That thing is gonna squirt some "stuff"!
  5. thanks guy's still thinking it over. I would hate to kill it and for right now I still have plenty of growing room.

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