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  1. I have 6 of the cutest kittens EVER looking for new homes!
    These kittens were hand-raised since DAY ONE! They were orphaned after a huge rainstorm washed them out from under someone's porch and the mother never returned. Since my house is the orphaned animal mecca, they were brought to me...

    After 7 LONG weeks they are ALMOST ready to be adopted!
    Why should you adopt one of these kittens?
    --They are all litterbox trained (naturally ;) )
    --The have had their first set of kitten shots
    --They will be spayed or neutered FOR FREE!!!! :D
    --They are just so DAMN cute
    --They've been raised in a home with Mastiffs, other cats, chinchillas and of course saltwater fish, so no need to worry about them snacking on your prized anthias while you sleep!
    --They come with free food and toys!

    Feel free to tell your friends and family and anyone looking for a wonderful pet!

    6wks old:
    2 wks old:
    Day one:
  2. Can you eat Kittens?
  3. I'm a vegetarian, but my fiance likes them country fried with white gravy.

  4. Ive been wanting to try some kitten boudan, it's all the rage in Tailand

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