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  1. OK, here's my FTS. I finally gave up on trying to get it in one shot. The dark cherry finish of the stand seemed to be making the camera adjust differently for lighting and the tank would always look bright and blurry. I merged two shots to get this mediocre shot of the tank. I've been playing with the "white balance" so forgive the extra blue appearance. It's still better than the FTS's I was getting before discovering where the all important white balance menu was. At least this way you can get a feel for the acro species I've got in there.

    I really have the same aquascape as pre-k but I think it came out better this time. Layout is wide open with plenty of room vertically cause I'm expecting gigantic growth.;) Frag tray in the middle will be replaced with bed of clams one day. Still have PLENTY of room for more stocking, but all reef funds currently going to the Disney fund (that place'll break ya)

    What yall think?

  2. Looking great, when it does grow up, it will be really nice.

    PSST.... you know that date stamp can be changed. :lol:
  3. Looks good Scot. That angel is bigger than I thought it would be. Anyway, nice tank and glad you were finally shamed into a fts.
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    oh! so clean!!!

    looks really good, even with the color a bit off

    what type of camera are you using? is there an auto- adjust on the WB? thats what I always use . . .
  5. Oh Scott, how could you dare say your tank is not worthy of a FTS. Its beautiful!!!!! Very interesting aquascape, i love it! ;) Im glad i bugged you enough to post up on that FTS. :lol: Nice work on the recovery! ;) 8)

    PS: you can barely tell the pic is spliced together, good work! i had to lok twice! :lol:
  6. i love it!!!

    what kind of rock is that, and were did you get it? looks like a nice fiji rock, i really like its shapes and how it looks all bubbley.

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    do you have some magical secret how to not make your sand blow around?? In my 180, if I put the tunzes anywhere but at the tippy top, i have a nice bald spot at the bottom middle within an hour....
  8. Thanks for all the kind words.

    I know ... I'm pathetically lazy with some things! :D

    Hope I get the adult coloration soon. I hear sometimes they just won't change in a tank. I wanted to wait until it's nice and full for the FTS, but it might've taken until next summer :D

    It's a no thrills Cannon point and shoot. I've been using the auto adjust WB and things just wouldn't come out right. I used the flourescent setting on this shot. Kinda blue but not crazy bright like the auto. Manual set takes out all the color.
  9. Mike, it's FIJI premium from walt smith (I got it from F&S). I always liked the dead coralline bubble look even though everyone seems to like the jagged stuff these days. I wanted to create a smooth flowing scape and let the SPS make the jagged appearance on their own. I plan to add another arch between the left and middle mounds that leans on the back glass.

    You're going with the dueling tunze's. My secret is not necessarily the best solution. The left is set to the back and the right is set slightly to the front. You get to avoid downdrafts of flow, but it creates a situation where some corals get way to much flow from one side. The SPS actually start to morph their shape to protect their polyps from the flow. The branches will build up a flat type of wall on the side of the branches that get the high flow. Kinda cool ... but not what you want in coral growth.

    Also, everything tends to grow down current (especially the stags). You can really see it in the pectinatus in the middle. Again, not the nice symetric growth we're after.

    I'd like to add some flow to the tank at some point, but I can't figure out how to work something in without getting the bald spots besides slowing down the tunzes which would drive me crazy. Why pay for power you don't use.
  10. I thought it looked liek walt smith stuff. I am going to be getting the same rock for the new tank probably. How many punds you got in there total?

  11. About 180. Four 45 lbs boxes. One pound per gallon worked out perfect for what I was after.
  12. Scott, what else do you have in threr as far as fish ? I see the Six-Line Wrasse and the Angel, anything else ?
  13. I've got a neon pseudochromis, a bicolor pseudochromis, and two ocellaris. The annularis ate well from day one but continued to lose muscle above the lateral line. I've never had a fish make it once that happens. He recently was returned to the sea (that's what the kids think, anyway).

    I don't think I'll add any other fish and the neon might have to go since the six-line and bicolor are getting larger and stronger. The neon use to rule the tank :confused:

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