Growth Shot - Pectinatus

Discussion in 'Small Polyp Stonies' started by Anonymous, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I'm still working on recovering more of the original color, but growth has been good. This is 4 months growth.


  2. AWESOME looking coral Scott! Do you have a before and after shot to compare growth differences ?
  3. I can't find an original for this tort, but growth has been comparable.

  4. Here's a red millie that started as a frag w/ 4 small branches. Sorry no before pics here either. Just sharing some stuff.

  5. Sure is ... ORA Rose. Color has been great.
  6. Oh well. Nice shots and corals none the less!! ;) 8) :)
  7. Nice growth form on that milli, that will be a sweet piece when it grows up.
  8. Hey Scott, do you think the tank is worthy of a FTS yet ? We would really like to see what ya got, myself included. :lol: ;)

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