HELP... forced into SPS... what to do?

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  1. Long story short, Reefermadness screwed up my order. I ordered their 20 frag LPS, zoa, ric pack... what showed up today was a box of 10 SPS frags, 9 zoa colonies and 4 rics. no LSP :(
    Prior to this I've only had one SPS, a monti freebie that seems to be happy and growing over the last few months.
    Do I need anything special to help these SPS thrive? Can anyone direct me to a good book or website to read up on the care of SPS?

    My tank specs:
    55G acrylic
    100 lbs live rock
    less than 1 inch of live sand
    250 20k MH
    Euro-Reef protein skimmer
    refugium full of chaeto w/ 24 hr lighting

    My tank is softy and shroom dominated.
    My new friends:
    Reefermadness has been so-so on the customer service. I told them about the error, but Chris' packing guy claims he only sent me 4 SPS as freebies... I had to send them pics to prove I can count :roll:
  2. Thanks cvp7900!

    I test my water on a pretty regular basis. Are these acceptable for SPS?
    Last tank #'s as of 06-20
    SG: 1.025
    Temp: 80
    Ammonia: 0
    NO2: 0
    NO3: 0
    PO4: 0
    Ca: 410
    Alk: 9 dKH
    pH: 8.1
  3. I'm open to selling them to. I paid $10 a frag.
  4. You're welcome! Read, Read, Read!

    I'm not experience in SPS, just in research. I'm a little scared of SPS for now.
  5. the FAQ's will give you all the info you need.
  6. ME TOO.
    I admire SPS keepers, but it wasn't something I wanted for my own tank.
    Baptism by fire I guess... :roll:
    This isn't my first rodeo, I do have a thriving soft coral reef tank and my one SPS monti... I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I hate loosing any critter I put in my tank. I can count on one hand my total losses in all my years keeping saltwater and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Off to read some more. Thanks everyone!
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    i've known you long enough to know you can keep them....if you're willing to sell them, i'm sure there are buyers!
  8. If your really planning on keeping sps your specs are good, the only other thing, twisted tiger said, are phosphates. But if your use r/o water then you shouldnt have a problem, or you can add a probuct like phosgaurd or phosbuster.
  9. Great! Another future SPS trader in the works. Looks like you'll be in great shape with those parameters and with the equipment you're running. Keep your eye on "stable" alk and temp and they'll be growing like weeds. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence. My worry is hurricane season. Last year my power went out for nearly a week and everything survived (leathers, LSP, shrooms and fish). I'm afraid I won't be so lucky with SPS in my tank.
    Time for a generator.... :roll:

    My other worry is Calcium. My tank has a minimal Ca need and rarely fluctuates from 410-420. Currently I just use kalkwasser in my top-off. Will this be sufficient?

    So much MORE to learn... my brain hurts.. 8)
  11. 10 frags won't put any kind of major demand on the tank until they really settle in and start to grow. Many frags tend to just encrust and grow minimally for 3 to 6 months, then they take off.

    You'll be fine with Cal and Alk using Kalk. Focus on the alk.
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    are they not making your order right? Post up on reefcentral in their section if you have any problems. If you do want to get rid of the frags I might humor buying some from you. :) 10 dollars a frag doesnt seem too bad, but you can get 40 sps frags from reefermadness for like 320 shipped I thought?
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    i think it's 40 for 325, but if you only get 20, it's 200
  14. If you decide to sell them, let me know.

    If you decide to sell them, let me know! I am trying to restock from the losses last year with Hurricane Rita. I had a power outage that only lasted a couple hours but the surge of electricity blew the fuse in my chiller. I wasn't home when it happened. Result..90 degreewater from the halides and pumps and lots of lost SPS. I can drive out to Baton Rouge and pick them up if you want to get rid of them,
  15. Re: If you decide to sell them, let me know.

    Thanks Mike, but so far so good.
    Hopefully I'll have some nice frags to trade/sell one of these days. :D

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