high alk and low pH

Discussion in 'The Reef Tank' started by Jcraft, Jun 6, 2006.

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    For the last couple weeks, I've had little problems start popping up- my bulbs start goin bad, my tank's temp starts rising (came home to find it @ 89) . . . the latest thing has been an extremely high alkalinity and low pH problem.

    Last week I tested the Alk. and it was off the charts! I use a pH probe in the solution when I do the titration b/c I'm colorblind and can't tell the colorchange. The endpoint is 4.2, but using the Salifert test, I was only able to get the pH down to 5.8 using a second dropper of solution, my Alkalinity ended up being slightly over 20 dKH . . . I figure this could be the cause of some of my SPS taking a turn for the worse. An Efflo, a slimer and a blue tipped acro had started to bleach . . .

    Anyway, to combat the high reading, I did a 15 gallon water change, and turned off my calcium reactor. Now, 4 days later, my Alkalinity is now at 13.1 dKH and my bleached SPS are showing signs of life again!!!

    pH is another matter however- it's hovering at 7.8

    any ideas on how to get it up?

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