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  1. As many of you know, David and I are more or less going crazy and buying lots of snakes. As many of you do not know, there is currently a bill ( HB 783) in the hands of the Senate Natural Resources Commitee that would ban the trade of all constrictors in Louisiana. No Imports, No Exports. This law applies to ball pythons, boas, cornsnakes, king snakes, just about all snakes really. Currently the law is only for snakes over 12 feet, but if the changes to the bill pass, all constrictors (all are non venomous) will be banned. This puts David and I, and many others in the area (Exotics by Nature, 50 fathoms, bayou reptiles... just to name a few) in a very bad spot.

    Please Read the info below, can call these Senators, Even if you don't particularly like snakes, you should still stand up for rights and freedoms. It may only be snakes today, but consider other outlawings.. Ferrets in Cali, and a few other states, pitbulls all over major us cities, prairie dogs, small turtles, plants etc. It won't belong before lizards, all turtles, and any reptiles at all are banned. With only one dissenting vote from the house, this bill could pass the senate as early as Thursday the 27th.

    I would also ask you to consider the economic impact of completely deleting a multimillion dollar industry (tax dollars = levees) from our already crippled economy.

    Don't Louisianians need to be helped not to be hurt further. Don't be scared t call either, the senators serve us. (Email's don't seem to do any good btw)
    Heres a link to the bill

    Info on the bill/points to make when you call/ numbers to call
    ( From Bill Watts of the LGCHS)

    The number for the Senate switchboard was omitted from the previous communication. ALL Senators can be reached at 225-342-2040 while the Senate is in session. You may call their district offices and let them know that HB783 is opposed and also call the switchboard number and speak to the Senator. Also, Senator Walter Boasso of Chalmette (504-270-9258, Kenny Tucker is Legislative Aide) was instrumental in getting a similar bill withdrawn last year. Talk to him also.

    Natural Resources Committee

    Committee Members

    Senator Max T. Malone (Chairman)
    610 Marshall Street
    Suite 722
    Shreveport, LA 71101
    (318) 676-5733

    Senator "Nick" Gautreaux (Vice-Chairman)
    209 E. St. Victor Street
    Abbeville, LA 70510
    (337) 740-NICK

    Senator Robert J. Barham
    Post Office Box 249
    509 Dogwood Street
    Oak Ridge, LA 71264
    (318) 244-5582

    Senator Reggie P. Dupre, Jr.
    P. O. Box 3893
    Houma, LA 70361-2016
    (985) 876-9902

    Senator Joe McPherson
    880 Robinson Bridge Road
    Woodworth, LA 71485
    (318) 484-2211

    Senator Michael J. "Mike" Michot
    P.O. Box 80372
    Lafayette, LA 70598
    (337) 262-1332

    Senator Craig F. Romero
    300 Iberia Street
    Suite B-150
    New Iberia, LA 70560
    (337) 364-8006

    Senator D. A. "Butch" Gautreaux (Interim Member)
    1103 Eighth Street
    Morgan City, LA 70380
    (800) 562-3204

    The Senate Natural Resource Committee is the next stop for HB783. The link below gives you contact information for the State Senators that are on the SNRC. Please contact as many of these Senators as you can and encourage others to do so also. Phone calls are more effective than email. When you speak with a Senator, be polite and respectful and be ready to tell them why you are opposed to HB783. These reasons include 1) that the current law for constrictors at 12 feet is working well 2) most constrictors stay small 3) Louisiana climate is not conducive for survival of large constrictors that aren't kept indoors during the winter; we are not Florida 4) the new law will be a hardship on breeders and pet shops and will stifle commerce in these areas [if you own a business, you need to really drive this point that your business will suffer] 5) the LA SPCA, Baton Rouge Animal Control and the Audubon Zoo are all opposed to this law as well as the Louisiana Reptile and Amphibian Task Force and numerous biologists that teach at state universities 6) the only support for this legislation is ONE animal activist 7) these constrictors are NOT as threatening as the sponsor of the bill would have you believe. The picture of the Burmese choking on an alligator that was shown to the Representatives is an old one that came from the Internet. There are many other reasons that you can think of. If you email a Senator, please Bcc a copy to info@lgchs.org. PLEASE MAKE CONTACTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. CALL AGAIN EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN TO A SENATOR. We will let you know as soon as we know when the SNRC will meet on HB783 and how you can participate at that meeting. Remember, even if you don't keep constrictors, laws can be passed that will restrict the ownership of your particular reptile. So make the call for the sake of preserving private ownership of reptiles. Contact Bill Watts at info@lgchs.org if you need the name of your Senator. Thank you.

    The Senate Natural Resource Committee meets on Thursdays. HB783 will not be heard this week. The earliest that it can be held would be next Thursday, April 27. We will let you know as soon as we find out. Please continue to contact Senators and let them know that you oppose HB783. The number for Baton Rouge is 225-342-2040 and their district offices are on the link below. We have been getting some good reports that some Senators will oppose the bill as it is written. Please continue to make contacts to reinforce calls that others have made. Thank you for your efforts.

    If you have questions please ask me, and please tell your senators how much you oppose HB 783
  2. Lacie, what do i have to do to help out, just make the phone call and let them know im opposed to the passing of the bill to ban ?
  3. No offense, and i'm almost positive adrian will agree, but pitbulls are not dangerous by nature. I've meet countless pitbulls that are the sweetest dogs around. I'm not saying that bads ones aren't out there everywhere. But we need to look at other countless other factors when a dog is vicious. Mainly its rearing. All dogs can learn to fight... But thats not really my point, anyway, there are several retardo laws out there regarding animals. In louisiana its already pretty much illegal to breed turtles. By law, all turtles/tortoises found in La state lines is legally considered an indigenous species and it is also illegal to have more than three indigenous turtles at one time.... making breeding virtually illegal, or impossible to achieve legally. The reason they are making it illegal... if you want my opinion... theres only so many laws that really need to be made and 99.9% have been made, so that leaves are congress with nothing better to do than entertain bills such as this. They've run out of work!! Obviously there aren't more important issues to the state at hand. But in reality, i can't give a justified reason why. One can look at burmese pythons and anacondas and see why they would be a threat, but snakes over 12 feet already require a permit... i really don't know. I'm going to call the senators tomorrow and ask though.
  4. well alot of flordia's problems are fron snakes over 12 ft, so this law already bans that, plus the fact that snakes that aren't from this climate will have a very hard time breeding in our temps. There haven't been any problems yet in this area, that i know of. I have a friend who does snake hunting in bayou savage and he has never found/seen a nonnative species . Its just not fair and i dont think that the government has any place going this far. You can't just ban everything because a few isolated incidents.
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    I will make the calls in the morning. I completely agree with you Lacie.
    I do however take offense to the pitbull comment made by the small minded rumor- mongerer who probably has never been around a "true" pit. They are kind friendly animals that got a very bad rap by poor breeding practices, (read immoral) and even worse upbringing and incorrect training. It is un-informed people like made that comment that cause the things like the bill regarding constrictors and various breed bans to get rolling in the first place. I'm sorry for going off on a rant, but, being the former owner of a pit and current owner of 2 wonderful Akitas that have gotten my homeowners insurance cancelled, this is a very sore subject, as is the banning of any non- poisonous spiecies of snake. They are beautiful and if people have the desire to care for them,... so be it!
  6. I hear ya Lacie, you have my support as you may know I don't like snakes but you have the right to own one. Lacie, are their any report issues that you can document that may have lead to this bill being brought up. I just don't see them picking snake out of the blue with NO issues toward them.

    Also, about pitbulls. What is the fascination? I do like them though, I would never buy one because they don't appeal to me and many other dogs don't either. But a lot of people get these dogs because these dogs a perceived to be tough and it that person feel tougher, it a reaction formation. I'm not saying that any of you are buying pits because of this reason but many people do. Just like the little man who buys the big truck or the ugly guy that buys the Porch, trying to over compensate for a feeling of inferiority.

    I'm not saying that the problem with pitbull is not do to their up-bring. But are you saying other dogs are not raise to fight or be mean. Why don't you hear about them? Remember I'm just playing devils advocate! I have a good friend who has a year pit who stays in the house and it is the most beautiful and sweet dog I may have ever known but I tell ya, if people are not responsible then laws must be pass to either make them responsible or to protect the people from their irresponsible action. That's why pitbull are banned many places, not because their such bad animals it's because people raise these dogs to be mean. I know people who have given their pits muscle builder type supplement, put hugs chains on them just so they can get stronger.

    Sorry Lacie, just talking, don't mine me :lol:
  7. I may be misreading, but it seems like this is a case of ms. pot callin the kettle black. Unless, as a saltwater hobbyist, you bleach all of your water before you dump it into your drains/outside etc you are introducing nonindeginous microbacteria and organisms into the water systems. Our hobby is also the cause of calurperas being banned all over the coastal us... My point is more or less that you can not protect everything. Horses were not indigenious to the us until the spaniards brought them over, now there are wild horse that are being protected...

    There are countless exotic birds flying around NOLA, especially at the lakefront. Cockatoos, Quakers, Cockateils, etc. Should we ban all winged pets too?

    Should be ban cats too, becase we all know how many feral and outdoor cats there are and these eat local rats and mice, squirrls and birds.

    There are wild dogs in kenner's last few lots of forest... should we make ll dogs illegal in kenner.

    The reason we keep many of our pets is because they arent found locally in the wild. I dont know how intresting my bearded dragons would be if i lived in australia and they were as common as anoles.

    I think we have to stand up and realize that this is only the beginning of further restrictions. We've seen the pet trade go from barely regulated 50 years ago to more and more legislation and ignorace.
    Carl- From what i understand... theres one person who is an animal rights activist (PETA i'm sure ) and brought this up with the state. I don't know more than that, but i'm pretty sure the issue was brought up more on principle than there actually being a real problem.
  8. IIRC, the golden rule of pitbull ownership is "never trust your pitbull not to fight." You can't eliminate generations of breeding for bloodsports with proper care and training any more than that would eliminate my Weimeraner's desire to hunt. You can only keep it in check.

    Not against ownership - I used to have a Dobe - but it's not "rumor-mongering" that gives Pits or Dobes a bad rap. It's irresponsible ownership, the natural tendency of the breed when not properly cared for, and the damage that dog can do.
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    In regards to never trusting your Pit not to fight, the same must be said for EVERY BREED. When my Akitas were pups a Golden Retriever beat the snot outta my 16 week old male. He never forgot it and holds the entire breed, or any dog w/ the same color liable for his experience. I have been "attacked" by a pair of min pins once, though it was funny to see those things fly as I kicked them off my pantleg. Any and all dogs will fight/attack. With proper training even the dreaded Pit is a great dog with a huge heart.

    Back on topic,

    Just for fun, I mstarted at the top of the list and am calling all of the reps who will listen and sticking up for our right to own/import/export snakes.I don't own any, but have kept a ball python, a rosey boa and a plethora of king and bull snakes when I was a kid. It is an important part of learning to have these wonderful animals.
  10. Thanks everyone.... I think it will really help. If i were a senator and a bunch of people kept calling, i'd certainly think twice about voting for the bill.

    Also, If anyone knows someone else who might care, pass the info on!!
  11. The two reasons that i'm aware of are public safety and the potential harm that could be seen if the animals were to escape/be realsed. The public safety is more or less taken care of by the preexisting law banning all snakes over 12 feet w/o a permit. This could be modified so that it bans burmese, reticulated and rock pythons, and anacondas. These species are the only ones that have any real documentation behind human deaths.
    Only 8 or so cases from the past 20 years have any truth behind them.
    Much of the preceived threat comes from fake photos or tall tales.
    Most of the deaths were from pythons over 12 ft, another was 11.

    There is one local case involving a human death and a snake. A man from jefferson parish had a heart attack while handling his snake.

    While you pouring your water in the yard is contained, the point is that saltwater hobbyists all over the country have diffrent practices. The same ideas and behaviors about endangering the enviroment that may be fueling this revised bill are the same ideas and behaviors that may one day shut down the aquarium trade.

    One of the biggest things i can connect this to is the presence of exotic birds in the new orleans area, esp near the lakefront. If these birds are out there they must being having a negative effect on the enviroment. Following the reasoning behind this bill, exotic birds should be banned too.

    The bites caused by most pythons (those that are most commonly kept) are nothing compared to a hamster bite.
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    Okay, I usually don't say anything when the well intentioned but woefully uninformed start spouting crap about things they know nothing about, or worse yet, what the news man tells them they know. Robharold- how many pitbulls have you met? Yes they are a strong breed, but rotweilers are stronger. They have a strong bite, but german sheperds bite harder. Most dogs over 40 pounds( and some under) can tear you to shreds. It is the nature of thier musculature and body structure. Pit bulls got a bad rap because some idiot reporter saw a way to get their name in the headlines and wrote" Vicious Pitbull rips child to shreds!" Thus begins this man's career and all of you lemmings follow along." It must be true! The TV told me so!" Get real and get a life. Pitbulls are no more dangerous than any large dog. Why do you ask then that you hear about pitbull attacks all the time? Because they make news. The media has brain washed you into believing what they tell you to believe. Pits make for good copy when nothing else is going on. They have a tough look and a history of fighting. There are just as many attacks by sheperds, roties, dobies,and labs(YES I said labs-look it up) as there are pit attacks but you don't hear about them as much because the story is not as exciting as "that scary dog has done it again!" That gives certain morons more ammunition to use in their unarmed battle of whits. There is an old saying that reminds me of this situation robharold. "It is better to not say a word and have everyone think you are an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt."

    Obviously, I love the breed. I have two of them. One is 87lbs and the other is 70lbs. They are the sweetest most loving dogs I have ever owned. I have two because I have never met another breed with as much personality and loyalty as these two. One is a coward, if someone broke into our house, the only way they would be hurt by one of my dogs is if he were between the dog and the bed that Duke would be racing for to try to hide under. Now the other one, Geni, has been trained to protect so she is a different story. Even she won't do anything unless you are trying to hurt one uf us. By the way, most of you that went to Sammy's Reef Club
    meet met a pitbull. He was with us. The breed has an overwhelming need to please their owners. If that means to fight, then that is what they will do. My wife and I personally researched this breed for months before we got the dogs and I can say without a doubt that they are the best dogs I have ever met. By the way, what exactly does a pit look like? Can you tell me without a doubt that dog A is a pit and dog B is not? I'll bet you can't. Most dogs thought of as pits aren't. If you don't believe me, look in another thread that I will start in the sump that has a link to "pits" and let's see if you can pick out the pit. ;)

    Sorry Lacie for the total hijack of the thread. This is just an extreamly sore subject for me. Also, I and about 70 of my Team Members at work will be calling our Rep in the morning. Any bans such as these are just as stupid as the Pit Hype and need to be stopped. What's next? The banning of fish imports? It's comming, I guarantee it.
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    Seattle WA, but I miss Louisiana!!
    Well put.
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    i had one of those min pins once and that dog was pure evil.... He was my dog and he would try to snap at me.... My good friend Jason is the president of the Northshore Herp. Society and I'm sure he will be fighting this ban.... If ya'll need anything, let me know and I would be happy to tell him for you. My wife is in a pretty powerful political position also and she talks to the parish presidents of Tangi and Livingston on a regular basis.... let me know what I can do..... Next they will be placing bans on our beloved corals......
  15. I spoke to Senator Geatreaux and he seemed genuinely intrested in what i had to say. He spoke with me and asked me questions for about 20 minutes. I'll let everyone know when the bill will be heard and maybe those of u in BR who can make it can come out and show support. I may or may not be testifying. I'm not sure yet, i don't want to do more harm than good.

    Thanks Again

    Romi- I understand ! I've meet over 30 pits that saw me as a complete stanger and every one was a great dog. Remember i work as a photographer. I'm usually barking at the dogs and squeeking toys and putting hats and ties on them. These dogs go through some tolerene tests when they come see me. I haven't had a problem with one yet.
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    Sorry for any misunderstanding. I have no doubt that under the wrong hands a pit could become a menace. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. The fact that big cities are jumping on bans is a real fear for the lovers of this breed. If you ever get to know a good one, you will never see a dog that is more child like, more emotional, and more loyal than a pit. So, I apologize if I sounded ugly in their defense. It is a real fear- our lives would not be the same without them....
  17. Updatethis

    We need more class before next thursday. Also, anyone who can come should. I wasn't able to make it this morning but i will try my best to make it there next week. This is especially important because i believe that by postponing the hearing, some support may not return next week. I think that the fact that the person who sponsored the bill didn't even bother to show up just shows how pointless this bill really is.

    Attention LGCHS, Advisors and Friends;

    Representative Warren Triche of Thibidaux? Louisiana asked the Senate Natural Resource Committee to postpone the hearing of HB783 until next Thursday, June 1. He was intimidated by the sheer number of people that showed up to oppose his bill and the bill's author, Pinkney Wood was a no show. Triche made the comment outside the meeting room before the bill was to be heard that he was not going to face that crowd by himself. His statement to the SNRC was incredulous. He said that he didn't know much about the bill and he didn't really care anything about it! He felt completely ignorant without Mr. Wood being there to tell him what the bill was all about. We had about 20 people there that registered opposition to the bill. We need about twice that many next week to really intimidate him and get him to drop HB783. All of the Senators on the Senate Natural Resource Committee need to be contacted again. (see attachment) You need to call their district offices and leave messages and call them on the Senate switchboard at 225-342-2040. Ask to speak to them personally or call you back. Let them know that you are adamantly opposed to this ridiculous bill. The sponsoring legislator, Rep. Triche, isn't even enthused about it. Many Thanks to all that showed up and to PIJAC for getting? the word out.

    ~Bill Watts~ Coordinator
    LGCHS Legislative Committee

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