Kalk Reactor Setup

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    Can someone explain how you set up a kalk reactor? I am planning my system out and am a little unsure of how to do it.

    I have a freshwater tank that may or may not have the capability of gravity feeding into the kalk reactor. The reactor has the capability to gravity feed into my sump. I am going to put a float switch in my sump return to control the flow from the kalk reactor into the sump, at least until I can get a peristaltic pump at a later date.

    Am I confused? Does it already sound like I know what to do?

    Thanks for the help.
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    That sounds like it could work fine. Gravity feed the FW reservoir to the kalkwasser reactor, then gravity feed the reactor to the tank. Problem is, if your siphon should break, it won't top off. The way I have mine set up is with the Osmolator. I have a FW reservoir that the osmolator pump sits in, and when the sensor in the sump reads that the water is low, it activates the pump, which pushes FW through the kalk reactor, and water then comes out the effluent line of the kalk reactor, into the tank. When you get your peristaltic pump, just figure out how much you evaporate per day, and then have the pump push that much FW through your reactor over the course of the day. Just make sure you get a saltwater safe float valve, like a Kent, BUT, make sure it doesn't have any holes in it, else it will stay sunken and open, dumping kalkwasser into your tank to overflow it.

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