Kent Marine Essential Elements

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  1. This is a product to ensure you are getting the proper amount of Trace Elements into your Reef Aquarium. Directions state to add (1 capful or 5 ml) per 50 gallons every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how often you do water changes. This product contains the following:

    Calcium - 2000 mg/oz
    Iodine - 2860 mg/oz
    Iron - .6500 mg/oz
    Magnesium - 2.0000 mg/oz
    Manganese - .1360 mg/oz
    Molybdenum - .0170 mg/oz
    Potassium - 2.0000 mg/oz

    Ive been using this product since i set up my tank and have had fantastic results in maintaining all my Trace Element levels. By using this product alone to maintain these levels, ive seen accelerated growth of all desirable colors of Coralline Algae.
  2. Do you test for all of the trace elements mentioned? If not, how do you know if you aren't adding too much? Just trying to understand as I have read conflicting results from other reefers.
  3. Sean, i dont test them all, only a few. The reason i know im not adding too much is i take into consideration that i am removing them by not only Protien Skimming, but also running Carbon. I only do water changes every other week, so i add this only once a week. If i did weekly water changes, i would add this every other week so not to overdose. You not only must know your system before you just dump chemicals in your tank, but you must follow directions, and you must also have a regimen to your maintenance.
  4. I typically don't believe in the whole add all these trace elements. If you do regular water changes, ie monthly or bi-weeekly, you are replacing your trace elements as I understand it. And yes some salts are better at replacing certain trace elements. I know some people swear by it, I'm just in the other camp on this. They have a ton of snake oil products out there, just so many ways to spend money in this hobby. I can see where carbon can remove some of the trace elements, but was not aware of skimming removing trace elements. I thought it was only organics being removed by a skimmer. But as you said, it all comes back to husbandry. If you are lax in that department, maybe adding trace elements and such can't hurt.
  5. Im not condoning the use of products to ensure the health of your tank alone, i basically only use the prodoct for the Iron, Iodine, and Magnesium. This does not mean that i dont do regular water changes like everyone else. I do water changes every other week on a Monday of every other week, and the use of the product every week.
  6. I use Instant Ocean. As far as i know, this salt is not lacking in any of these elements. I know IO supposedly contains every major and minor trace element to keep your tanks health up to par. I just use this to ensure these three elements stay in check due to skimming and the use of carbon continuously removing it.

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