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  2. Awesome update on the Solaris Hood! I love this technology sooo much, but the price tag on it kills me!

    It would cost me $5600 to light my tank.

    The 250watt metal halides + vho actinics set up I am running cost me $800. Bulbs run me $450 a year. (Electricity to run the bulbs is 12cents a day so I'm not going to count it.)

    5600-800=4800. 4800/450=10.6

    Thats 10 and a half YEARS to pay for itself.

    The life of the LED's is 50,000 hours. Running 10 hours a day the LED hood should last almost 14 years. So thats about 4 years of any real savings. But at the end of those 4 years I could possibly save myself 2k.

    Really, they are only good on smaller sps tanks where heat is a real issue. But if anyone comes up with a DIY on this one, let me know! :shock:

    Have soldering iron and know how to use it!
  3. Nano-reef.com has a LED light in its DIY forum.

    Im thinkin im going to build it. Put my learnin to work.
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    garrison - can you post a link to that diy led thread

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