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  1. I really want to setup a reef tank in the future, but I'd like to read and get as much information as possible. ATM, I have a bare 55 gallon tank that I would like to possibly turn into a reef tank. I would most likely do a custom Calfo Overflow such as my dad did to his 105g ( ). For the past week or so I've been looking online at Metal Halides and Skimmers. The MHs that I've really looked into are the SunPod HQI Metal Halides with Lunar Lights ( ... 004+113352 ). My question concering this is do you guys think that 300watts is overkill for an 18" tall tank? I would like to keep a type of Tridacna Clam, and from what I've read, MHs are a must.
    As far as a sump/refugium, I've looked into the Protein Skimmer and Refugium Combo ( ... 2004&Nty=1 ). Do any of you guys have experience with this type of combo. It seems like the standard external filter of skimmer > fuge > return. I would like to have your thoughts and input on this, as the skimmer doesn't have a name.
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    Honestly for MH I would shop nowhere other than best prices out there by far. You could do a two MH retro for like 250 or you could do 2 pendants for like 300-400. Also for the skimmer i wouldnt waste my money with that aquafuge. I would run both skimmer and fuge seperate. For a 55 gallon i would recommend a asm G-2 ( and for fuge i would make a compartment out of my sump or a standalone fuge. the money you could save on your lighting I would spend on the skimmer and flow. HTH
  3. Hey who's paying for all of this??? :lol:
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    It's really not 100% necessary to have halides for clams. I kept a Maxima for 3 years under 440 watts of VHO until Katrina killed it. I didn't buy it LITTLE, because the smaller they are, the more you need to spot feed them with phytoplankton. I just kept it HIGH up in the tank. If you want to keep your clams on the sandbed, then, MH is probably better due to penetration to the bottom of the tank. Another thing to keep in mind is that clams are calcium / alk hogs. You really need to be mindful of your levels, else the clam will not thrive, as it cannot build its shell.

    The maxima is the most demanding as far as lighting goes, followed by the crocea, then the squamosas and derasas. The last two are good "beginner" clams as they are least demanding. You may want to stay away from T. Gigas or H. Hippopus, even though they are less demanding...because they get HUGE in a relatively short period of time.
  5. *holds electric bill to forehead*

    I see... T5 lighting in your future...
  6. my t-5's are friggin HOT!
    4ea 54watt HO over my 75 plus a 175MH
    I was thinkin about replacing the plywood hood top with a piece of stainless steel so I could fry bacon n eggs.

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