Men hallucinate after eating fish....

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  1. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this... reason #101 Why not to eat/lick/ingest/kiss/ect things in your aquarium....

    "Two men have suffered terrifying visual and auditory hallucinations after eating a popular local seafish in Mediterranean restaurants."
    Read more here:

    Note to self: Stop licking my tangs...
  2. You think thats bad..... A friend of mine got a little too drunk one night, and decided he was gonna catch his Yellow Tang, and eat it! True Story
  3. Did he succeed?
  4. Like i said, True story..... of course he succeeded. He didnt remember what he did the next morning, and was very upset when he didnt notice his Yellow Tang swimming around in his tank. :lol:
  5. You said he decided to catch his tang, not if he actually did. Anyway, I bet it was tasty. How did he cook it?
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    how did he cook it? or did he eat it sashimi style?
  7. Sashimi style, straight out the net! :lol: :shock:
  8. i just don't understand the raw fish eating thing....
  9. w(three)rd
  10. I bet it didnt taste that bad. Somewhere between a Mcdonalds fillet-o-fish and a turd.
  11. Just a note on the whole fish toxin and getting nice interestin visual and audio fun, The joys of the toxins is why japaneese pay so much money to eat puffer fish and also why it is illegal in the USA for you to get sushi puffer. Basicaly the poison of the puffer makes people trip like they are on lsd. thought I can not verify this since i have never had puffer sushi. But i will make a personal note to lacie's comment and that is simple Sushi is a wonderful thing. There is really nonthing like a nice slice of fresh raw fish on some rice to hit the spot. The only down side to my addiction of sushi is the effect it has on my wallet specialy when you add a few things of sake to the order.
  12. mmmm i love sushi. theres only a few people at my school who have actually tried it...i think its pretty good and i dont see ewats so gross about it
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    I watched a special on the the discovery channel a while back and it said that if the puffer is prepared correctly there will be no poison in the fish. The reason why it is so expensive is the preperation. You have to be tought the preperation trade and licensed to do it in a restuarant. The reason for this is because if the toxins are leaked into the meat i could poentially be fatal. The death raate is like 10 people a year.
  14. The training is really so that you can just allow just enought of the toxins in to give the person a high but not enough to kill them. But the final exam for the training is you are made to prepare three peices of puffer sushi and you have to eat them. So basicaly it is a true pass or fail except for that failure is death
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    Yea sushi is good stuff but I'd be pretty reluctant to eat puffer. A friend of mine, a doctor here in lafayette, ate puffer over a year ago and was diagnosed with a nervous system disease (i dont remember the name of it) After a few months of testing and after the fact that he began to regain feeling and use of his fingers and right arm, they decided it was a toxin released from the sushi he ate.

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