my new old tank

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  1. hi all got the tank from dave and ive been doing some work on it
    sand down
    paint the stand
    it was a very ugly green haha but its black now
    wash both tank and sump
    reseal tank
    ill post pictues of everything as soon as i am finished with the plumbing which will probaly be tomorrow!!!!
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    yea it was ugly! lol cant wait to see it!
  3. got sand and put most of my water in got 2 pumps runing the water around will get a 60 pound shipment of rocks in this week to start the cycle having trouble posting pictures up atm will post everything asap
  4. definatly a bad color! I always thought of painting it black... too much trouble for me. I hope you enjoy it!
  5. phew finally everything is set up and im ready to order my cleanup crew

    4t5 54w running on icecap660
    2 seio 1100
    mag 12 returnpump
    140# live sand
    100# of rocks

    starting to see millions of pods and my first diatom bloom!!!
  6. have you taken any pics? our 75 is up and running, we just need to fix the canopy and get our lights on... july maybe?
  7. update

    here is an update on the tank i hope it works witht he img
  8. [​IMG]
    purple zoo with pink center
    orange zoos

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