My pieces of the ocean

Discussion in 'The Showroom' started by Anonymous, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Awesome pics of your tanks!
  2. So Holden, are u from here ? J/c how u came across us.
  3. Im in Utah. I found your site from a link on another site. Im registered on 8 different reef sites and I must say yours is one of my favorites. It is very warm and friendly.
  4. thanks: ) Welcome>
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    Mandeville, LA
    Very nice.....hopefully mine will get that way again one day, barring any more damn hurricanes.
  6. Yes, something like that. Fortunatly we dont get big nasty storms you call rain. :lol: Thanks for the welcome. However If you visit our site I must confess that I stole your avatar. It is my favorite.

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