Need ideas for an ATO Reservoir

Discussion in 'D.I.Y.' started by Daniel Broussard, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I'm looking to DIY my own ATO Reservoir that can hold 10+ gallons of water. I found a container I like online that holds 15 gallons but it says its polyethylene and not specifically High Density Polyethylene but is for potable water storage. It still makes me nervous plus it's around 70 bucks plus shipping. So I thought I would do it myself. I am hoping to put it onside my stand so I'd like it to not be an eyesore like a 5 gallon bucket. I thought about a 10gallon or 15gallon high tank blacked out with vinyl but i'm not sure about the lid. Maybe I could use a glass top for the tank possibly. My whole point in this is to get peoples ideas of what they might be using as reservoirs, DIY or purchased ones that are reasonably priced. So please let the ideas flow. I appreciate it.
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    I used a 10 gallon tank. Painted it black except a strip in the front to see water level. The lids for the tanks have a plastic strip that hold the glass, so I drilled a small hole for my line through that. Affordable and easy to do.
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    First off, if you found a container that you like and it is safe for potable water, then it will be plenty good enough to use for an ATO reservoir. They may possibly list the "Recycling Symbol" number on the listing you found. This will tell you the numbers that are safe for food storage.


    You can also use a tank like you mentioned, but you can conceal it inside of another cabinet, or piece of furniture. I have seen on R2R where another reefer placed a nice sized reservoir inside of a large foot stool with a lid.

    ATO in Footstool.jpg

    ATO in Footstool2.jpg

    You can also sometimes get more inside of your stand than you think. This is a 16 gallon reservoir (on the left side of photo) that I built out of glass and placed in a 12"x12" footprint inside of my old 75 gallon tank.


    Anyway, those are a few ideas for you. Good luck finding the right solution for you.
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    I used a walmart trash can that holds 12g, works fine for me
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    I use a 20 gallon aquarium. It sat on the floor next to the tank at the old house. In the new house it will go in an equipment cabinet. That was the intent at the old house, but I never got around to building the cabinet.
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