New house...New tank room?

Discussion in 'The Reef Tank' started by Anonymous, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. The wife and I are now buying a house in Texas instead of renting. We were going to rent because we really didn't know the area but after a weekend in Dallas we feel comfortable about buying in that area(actually not Dallas, it's Bedford Texas in North Dallas). I'm excited about the LFS there, North Dallas Aquarium ( one of the many) is a great shop . I'm going to buy my new tank from them. Now I'm trying to convince the wife to let me put the tank in the wall with fish room behind it. I'm excited :lol:
  2. sweet

    sounds like you'll be having all kinds of fun over there man. Cant wait to see what you come up with. What size tank are you thinking? Reef?
  3. Dude, id be excited about a LFS like that too! Those guys certainly look like they have their stuff together. Nicer than any LFS's in the NO area, or anywhere else for that matter! It looks like somebody had more money than they could handle and nothing else to spend it on, and also really enjoyed the hobby. Good luck with the new tank.
  4. Sounds great ... get the fish room while you have the chance. Your odds of getting the thumbs up will probably go way down once you're already in.
  5. yea, I know chance of etting a fish room will go down once settled. I'm waiting for the right moment to ask her. Remember my wife is not as addicted as myself. :lol:

    greenflareside, I have a 210 which I'll be selling and I'm going to buy another once I move with better set-up. By the way I have at least a hundred family members that stay in Ruston/Grambling.
  6. I visited that shop back in February - awesome store. Nice displays and what a nice selection of tanks/stands/canopies.

    Be sure to stop at Dave & Buster's and get a philly cheesesteak!
  7. Thats horrible! :shock: I hope this doesnt shut those guys down for good, they had such a beautiful store. Much nicer than any other store ive ever been into personally. Hopefully insurance will kick the bill and put those guys back in business. I know that has to be depressing. Does anyone know the origin of the fire ? I would guess it was electrical, but im just guessing. I know from experience at working at a LFS and seeing how much electricity is in close proximity to that much water, its crazy man. Anyway, that really sucks! :(
  8. That' is sad and I hadn't been there yet. Man! :cry:
  9. IIRC, it was a floor jack.

    We'll see what happens, they have a pretty robust custom installation and servicing business which will continue. It sounds like they're planning on coming back on the retail side, actually doing limited retail out of the back of the store now.

    Man those were some beautiful in-wall display tanks coming in by the entrance. It was one of those stores that you would go in just to hang out for a while. You can just see one in the picture, on the wall to the right:

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