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  1. well to start off heres a pic of my new tank. i have 2 other tanks, but their freshwater. but heres a pic of my salt:


    as you can see my camera skills, and camera, arent very good. the tank looks way better in person. the tanks pretty empty. LR and unwanted cyano. but thats changin. also if anyone would be willing to sell some small frags id be intersted. lookin for hairy mushroom, florida ricordea, and some zoo's. thanks
  2. Welcome to LAreefclub!!! You should come to our meeting in August. They will be bring some frags to sell & trade.
  3. What kind of sand is that?
    I'll have some shroom and zoa frags *hopefully* in time for the next meeting.
  4. yea im goin to the meeting. and the sand, well its just ordinary sand. i bought everythin from my buddy nick, angelfishlover on here, so the cyano prolly hitched a ride from his tank.
  5. ok worked on cleaning tank today. and im gettin some corals maybe today, most likely tommorow. moved LR around some. and this should be in the showroom. oh well.

    tank before corals
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    If your tank is having a diatom bloom, it's not old enough yet for corals.

    Live Sand vs whatever kind of sand that is:

    Live sand helps with breaking down nitrogenous waste products (ammonia, etc) like what you are having problems with right now.

    Also if that's a silica (quartz) based sand, you may run into problems with algae because of it. Take it out and put something in there like either Carib-sea Fiji Pink Arag-alive, or some live sand from the sand vat at a respectable LFS.
  7. well its masonry sand. have no clue wat its made of, and idk how to get all of it out without copletely stripping my tank, which im not doin. and idk any place near me that sells LS. the closest place to me is paw paws pets, and they dont carry it. i dont want to order it online, because people have told me it isnt of the highest quality and prices are bad. so any help on this would be appreciated. if i cold get some live sand, i would take out my live rock and put the sand in but, like i said i dunno where to get it.
  8. i'm sorry....
  9. uhh, why are you sorry? dont be sorry for me, just try an help. i need this stuff straitened out
  10. If you are not willing to set your tank up right then you don't deserve the animals that go in it. Do some research and set your tank up right, if you don't it will wind up looking like a mess of hair algae, phosphates, nitrates, nitiries and harmful organics just to start. If you come into the hobby with the attitude displayed above, then you are doomed for faluire.

    Now that i've grilled you, There are good lfs in metairie, if ur in br i'd say goto marks, but be wary of advice.

    Buy the conscientious marine aquarist by bob fenner and read it front to back. There is no way that anyone can tell you how to properly take care of your tank. Theres just too much too know.
    Once you get a good foundation of knowledge, then people will be more wiling to help you.

    The sand does not have to be live it just can't be masonry sand or whatever it is you have. Thats likely the source of you cyano outbreak.

    You can buy sand at petsmart and petco if you don't have a decent lfs and don't want to order any. My best advice is to stick with carib sea brand.

    As for LR, that all depends on where you live, Personally i like ricks reef's liverock best but most people on here know i think ricks reef is the best for everything.

    Dont add anything until you get all of your levels to 0

    if you dont know what levels i'm talking about then you definatly shouldn't add anything living.

    Also, I'd throw out all your water and sand and any other filter materials you had in that tank. CLean it out let it dry and restart. Who knows what was in that sand

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    Masonry sand == quartz/silica based sand. Used to mix with concrete. Not for aquarium use.

    The bagged stuff sells for about $20/bag -- usually about 16lbs of it. The Caribsea fiji pink live sand is NOT bad product.

    It's not that big of a deal to strip out the tank...that's a small tank, man. You just siphon out the water into a holding/storage tank, put your rock in it, and go hose out the tank and sand. Then put your live sand in the tank after you put it back on the stand, put your rock back in, and pump the water back into the tank.

    Christian, this hobby requires more effort than what your freshwater tanks do. If you don't pay attention to the details early on, you'll just have problems in the long run, and wind up getting frustrated with the whole thing and get out of it all together. Time is your friend here. Take it slow. Sure, it's hard to look at an empty tank, and WAIT for the water to be 100%, but, it pays off to be patient.

    By the way, are you using tap water to mix your salt mix in? If so, stop now. Don't use the water you have already. Get some RO/DI water (even wal-mart sells this) and use that to mix your water up. Dechlorinating tap water does not come close to removing all of the harmful impurities present in it. You'll never have respite from battling algae.
  12. i kno, thats wat i was gonna do. i didnt want to strip it like that and have no sand in there. but the reason i was reluctant about ordering it was because of stuff people have told me about ordering LS and LR over internet. but where whould i order? liveaquaria good? oh and are those corals pretty much accounted for as dead?
  13. lacie, if thats wat youre reffering to, u misunderstood me. wat i was meaning to get thru, is that im not stripping the tank until i can get live sand. and you dont have to be so mean about everythin. im stubborn and prefer simple instructions, im gona ignore anyone being a complete a$$ about anything. thats just the way i am. i know yall are tryin to help, but using a bully attitude towards it isnt helping at all.
  14. I'm happy to give advice if it is taken and excepted. Your post said you werent stripping the tank, starting like with an attitude like that, isn't going to get you respect... show a will to learn and do things right and we'll get along great.
  15. yet again you misunderstand me. im not stripping the tank UNTIL I GET NEW SAND. im starting completely over so theres no point in stripping it now, not until i get everythin i need.
  16. and if uve read my thread in the softies forum, please help, then you would see how much of a will i have to learn
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    stay cool youll 8)...christian, since u dont have anything in the tank but live rock, heres some advice, take the rock out and place it in buckets, then go to whoever around u and buy an aragonite based sand mixture, caribsea/natures ocean/to name a few...siphon out all the existing sand, then cut the top of the new bag of sand open, and release open the bag near the bottom of the tank, so you dont cloud the tank as much..then youll have a fresh start, do a water change while your at it using RO/DI water, most supermarkets/fish stores sell this water...try this advice and see how things go..i was around 13-14 when starting my first saltwater tank and lost $100's of $$ due to bad advice from notsogood fish stores, but i didnt have the luxury of online forums like this to guide me through
  18. thanks, but im starting completely over. gonna take all my rock out tommorow and get all the stuff and get a fresh start
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    After reading both your threads here is my 2 pennys on what I would do.
    1. As mentioned allready remove the rock, drain the tank, wash out that sand.

    2. As boring as it is put the rock back in with NO sand and RODI SW mix and let it do its thing for a while untill ALLl levels are good to go.
    You don't have to have sand in your tank to let your denitrification bacteria establish.

    Hope all works out for you
  20. im startin over completely anyways so it dosent matter. im goin to the LFS today to get some stuff. and pay for a xenia the cashier didnt charg me for :)

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