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  1. Well, I moved from the BR back to the Armpit of America(Terre Haute, IN famous for inventing the Coca-Cola bottle, Clabber Girl Baking Soda, meth labs, and that song "OOO that smell") about 2 years ago. I've been procrastinating setting up my tank for too long.
    I'm starting this thread so that I'll actually follow through with this plan or face the public humiliation that I'd rightly deserve.

    My tank is a 180 that I got second hand(Thanks btw John for helping me move that beast way back when. I don't know how we did it). It had two tidepools linked together. I don't really like the tidepools, but I do like their media trays. I'm going to use a 48" 40 gal aquarium for my sump. I'm thinking of using one of those lights one of you got from HD for $50 for the refugium. Red is good for algae right?

    My skimmer is a venturi style. I can't remember the brand, but it's made of PVC and Mark sold them (I'm not sure if he still does). Mine is the larger model w/ a CAP2200.

    It was plumbed w/ two drains, but I'm considering capping one. The returns were also drilled in the back of the tank, which made for a lot of noise because they had to go back up to the surface in case of power loss. I'm turning these into my closed loop w/ a mag 12 attached. Any advice on the plumbing of this would be appreciated. I'm going to use my other mag 12 for the return pump.

    My goal is a mixed reef tank w/ some sps. I really like the scrolling corals(montipora? i think) and some acros. I think the encrusting corals are pretty cool too. The only softies I really like are mushrooms and zoos. I'm going w/ an open tank concept. Maybe 2 ft of sand on one side and a slight build of rock on the other. Like the point of a reef. I'm thinking not as many corals, but letting them really grow out.

    I'm only running two 250s right now, and I have to get new bulbs for both. I'm going to add another in the future. I still need to add a calc reactor, but I can wait as I probably wont be ready for corals for a half year.

    As for vertebrates, I'll probably put an engineer in there first thing. God I love those industrious guys. Plus they remind me of my all-time favorite fish- the jawfish, but w/o the headache. I love the hepatus tang. I really like anthias species. I had a couple lyretails before my move, and they really loved the water movement I had going. Adrian were those purple/blue and gold one's you had called Bartlett's? I guess my final fish tally will be as such:

    A pair of ocellaris
    3-4 anthias
    hepatus tang
    couple clown gobies
    engineer goby
    probably some midwater swimmer that I think looks cool so I buy it on impulse DOH!(probably a rabbitfish)
    and of course Mr. Algae Blenny (he'd like me to tell you that it's an honor just to be nominated.)

    Well I put myself out there. There's no going back now. The only thing I have going for me is this site, some good friends, and Mike at Inland Aquatics.(He's a saint btw. held my fish when I moved to the BR for 6 months until I could set up. real stand up guy.) Better put down my beer and start cleaning pumps.

    Btw any advice is appreciated.
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    hey man,
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    Hey Chris, whats up. Your skimmer should be a top Phathom, but it might be an emperor aquatics we sold both of those when you were here. I'm just glad we didn't drop the tank when the guy you bought it from tripped and decided it was a good idea to grab the tank to catch himself. Good luck on getting everything back up and running.
  4. Well, good things came about today. My bud had an extra 48" 40 gal tank. This is going to be my sump w/ refugium. Need to get the glass/silicone to make baffles.

    All I have to do is get a new membrane/filters for my RO unit, plumb the beast and I'll be ready to fill 'er up.

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