PIC of tank with new light

Discussion in 'The Showroom' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Here is a good pic of the tank with the new 20k MH.

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    thats some blue stuff there...saving some money from not having to buy actinics!
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    Hey you rearranged since the last shot with the p.c. lighting.
    Did you get 20k or 15k bulb. Either way the bulb should get a little less blue after it burns in. I think it looks good. Later Lonny.
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    I got the 20k mh, and its already starting to burn in. I am sure that you have an idea of how blue this light was for the first week, I am glad to see that its getting brighter. Dude, my citron goby is attacking my wrasse when I feed, you ever seen that before? I can tell that this has been going on since I got the goby, the wrasse's tail is chewed up.



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