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Discussion in 'The Sump' started by Jcraft, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Everyone here remembers hurricane season last year- some better than others

    I was shopping around town and saw a couple great deals . . .

    For those on a budget, a power inverter can come in REAL handy (i used one last year and had no losses)
    Harbor Freight tools in Baton Rouge has a 1200w inverter on sale for $80 beginning July 15th (good deal, considering Home Depot has a 750watter for the same price)

    And for those who have a lil more to spend, Pep Boys has some very good generators on sale-
    3125w for $229, heres a link with more: ... 1165785439

    Foe those who have invested thousands of dollars into their tanks, you should definitely consider planning ahead

  2. You can get a 1000 watt 2000 watt peak power inverter for $55 plus $15 shipping on the bay. If any one wants a link just bump the thread.

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