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Discussion in 'Filtration, & Other Equipment' started by Anonymous, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. hey all,

    the move to houston went smoothly, but now i have an empty tank!

    i've decided its time to upgrade my lighting, so i'm looking for suggestions on a 2x250w pendant setup.

    anybody know anything that will rock my socks off?

    also, what online stores do ya'll recommend for LR? i'll need about 90 lbs of it.
  2. Reef_Tank_Greg

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    I really like the Reef Optix III pendants that I have in my canopy now. Take a look at them. What brand of ballast are you using?
  3. Jcraft Harlequin Tusk

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    i second the SLS ReefOptix pendants. has packages that include the bulbs, pendants and ballasts.

    I also have the Aquamedic pendant but find that the ballast is noisier and its kind of a pain to take out the glass for a bulb change or to clean.

    look into a retro kit for your canopy and it;ll save a lil more $$

    as far as rocks, I've heard good things about lately . . .
    try a LFS?

    BTW, the gramma and clown are doin great :D
  4. i currently dont have a MH ballast yet either
  5. Hey glad to hear the move went good.
    My lil bro is moving there next month. Perfect timing for MACNA!!
    I read an Advanced Aquarist article by Sanjay Joshi that horizontal burn bulbs and reflectors are more efficient at delivering a bulbs potential light output. I have a 400 watt mag. ballast collecting dust if your interested.

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