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  1. Just went to Pensacola and my nephew caught a bunch of hermit crabs and brought them home. He wants me to put them in my tank. I don't mind putting them in there as long as they will not hurt anything. right now I have them in my QT tank. They look all white and they have shells that spiral into a point. does anyone know if these would do ok in my reef? I have a 100 Gal with about 175-200 lbs live rock with a DSB. Thanks for any advice.
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    they will destroy EVERYTHING!
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    I second that!!! I have four of them that my kids caught at Grand Isle in a 10gl tank. They are very aggressive and will eat ANYTHING.
  4. I had some baby blue crabs, baby flounder, shrimp and a little trout in a FO tank way back when. It was very cool to look at the local stuff. I'd never do it in an expensive reef tank though.
  5. I have one in my small tank they do eat anything left over in the tank and he is mean but i like him Ive had him for over a year.

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