Stocking a 20 gal Fish-Only

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Anonymous, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I was thinking of creating a Fish-Only (20 gal tank 24 x 12 x 16) and was wondering what fish/how many I actually could put in there after it was cycled

    I was thinking about something like:
    Four-Stripe Damsel
    Neon Goby
    Ocellaris Clown
    Maybe another Damsel/Chromis or Royal Gramma

    Then a few astraea snails, blue-leg hermits, and maybe a cleaner shrimp

    Would this be ok, or is it too much or could I have a few more small fish :?:
  2. What about a Dwarf Angel such a Flame or Coral Beauty?

    Or should I wait on those until I upgrade to something larger
  3. i would think a pygmy cherub or a yellow tail angel would be a better option, since they are smallest among the pygmy angels, i still think that 20 gallons would be pushing it for one.

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