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  1. I have a 55 gallon reef and after a minor setback (new lights caused mini cycle and KO'd my fireball angel and bicolor blenny) i would like to add another fish or two. I currently have 2 bar gobies and one Yellow Coris Wrasse. I would like to keep a really peaceful tank so i was thinking maybe a fairy wrasse or an anthias or something along those lines, but i want to hear some suggestions. another pygmy, kole tang, foxface??? What do yall think?
  2. A Coral Beauty Angel is usually a pretty shy peaceful fish, and not to mention beautiful at that. They usually stay in the rockwork until they become well adjusted in the tank. Good luck with the Yellow Coris Wrasse, ive always heard mixed comments about keeping that fish. Im not really to familiar about keeping Anthias, never have kept any in my tanks. Another peaceful reef fish that is a great addition is the Fiji Reef Chromis, you can keep a pair in the tank together and they will always stick together in the tank. They are pretty little fish, usually come in blue or green, ive seen purple but not too common in LFS. There are also many different types of Clownfish that are peaceful additions to any reef tank. I dont know that i would keep a Fox Face Rabbitfish in a 55 gallon tank, as they will grow fast and will outgrow that tank pretty quickly anyway. HTH :) ;)
  3. Steve has made alot of good suggestions for your reef. All those fish are peaceful and really mix well with others as a community. There are also alot of Gobies that are peaceful fish and interesting and alot of fun to watch. They usually stay at the bottum of the tank and stick to theirselves. You have to be a little on the careful side with the Angels, depending on what you plan on keeping. Some Flame Angels are known to nip SPS and LPS as well. JMO, JME. I do know that if you keep them well fed though, it lessens the chance of them nipping at your corals. There are alot of peaceful fish for the community reef tank, you might want to do some research and see what you like, and what will work best in your reef tank.
  4. specifics...

    Yeah i've thought about all those pretty much so far... and as far as angels go i'd consider a Coral Beauty, or a Cherub, but i already have a tank with two false percula clowns that are hosting in a large amount of xenia, so i dont really care to have two clowns in the 55. From what i've noticed, the Hawkfish as well as the 6 line wrasse are fairly aggressive fish. I'm really looking for something that most people dont have. Which particular fairy wrasses would yall sugest? I like the Scott's Fairy Wrasse as well as the Carpenter Wrasse. I worked at the LFS in Monroe (did lots of services on peoples tanks) for a while, and it seems like everyone has the same ole fish in every tank.


    ps. Anyone have some frags they'd be willing to ship to the northern part of the state for cheap?
  5. btw

    forgot to mention, i Love my Yellow Coris Wrasse. When i first got him (he was my first fish) he had some flesh rot and wasnt looking to well, but I kept him in quarentine and nursed him back. He still has a scar on his side from it but it makes him very unique. He is always swimming around the tank, pickin at the rocks and the glass. Hasn't picked on any of my corals (although i only have a few) and hasnt even messed with any inverts or anything. Pretty peaceful, i would suggest one to anyone looking to add an active yellow fish to their reef.
  6. Curt, i can tell you from my own experiences, that the Cherub Angel was the best descision for an Angel that i ever made. They are so little and so cute. He always swam through the rockwork and made hisself right at home in no time. Never once did he pick at anything in my tank. If you are thinking of getting one, i would highly recommend this particular fish as a peaceful addition to your reef tank.
  7. ok

    so i'm definately thinking that the pygmy cherub is the way to go. So this is how it is...
    1 yellow coris {about 3"}
    2 bar gobies {one 5" one 3"}
    2 perc. clowns (after i move them) {2-3" each}
    1 ?????? (thinking filimented flasher wrasse) {less than 3.5"}
    1 pygmy cherub {3"}

    is that too much of a bioload or do you think i could maybe add another small goby or something? I'd like to get a Wheelers Watchman and a pistol shrimp, but i'm not sure. Maybe a clown goby or some other goby (perhaps neon)? would definately be a small fish.

    Also, this is a 55 gallon with about 50 lbs of live rock and 25 lbs of halfway live rock (was dead but now has lots of corraline), a cheap powerfilter to occasionally run carbon, a CPR bakpak skimmer with MJ1200, and i'm going to be getting a 24" HOB fuge soon. I have a fuge on my clownfish tank so it will be well cultured immediately. I also will be moving over another 20lbs or so of live rock. It has a MJ900 and MJ400 currently for flow. Also have a 4x65watt PC lighting.
  8. Re: ok

    This doesnt seem like too big of a bio-load on a 55 gallon, all the fish you have listed are smaller fish anyway. Just remember not to over feed. As far as the Cherub, ive never seen a 3 inch Cherub before, you might be thinking of the Flameback Angel, they are usually 3" and bigger like the Flame and the Coral Beauty. The biggest Cherubs ive seen are around 1"- 1 1/2".
  9. cherub

    Yeah, i havent seen many over 2" but my friend has one that is almost 3" now. It says on most sites that they can get to 3" when fully grown. I wish i could afford another flamback, i used to have one of the brazillian ones (a.k.a. fireball angel) but i no longer get my nice worker discount at the LFS. I have seen the brazillian fireballs for as much as $80. So you think i'd be ok adding perhaps the watchman goby as well as the flasher wrasse, then adding the cherub last?
  10. Definitely, i dont see a problem with that at all.Just make sure that before each addition, the one you added before is well acclimated and doing very well. Im sure you know, you cant rush these kinds of things. I love the Diamond Watchman, also the Whitehead or Blue-Spot Sleeper Goby, both are very interesting species and alot of fun to watch.
  11. cool

    Yeah im a fan of many of the gobies. I've also considered building up my sandbed on one side so i could have a Jawfish since i hear those guys have awesome personalities.
  12. cool

    and if you have been running for 2+ years i'm going to assume that it has been pretty successful. It is the same type of setup im running on my 10gallon which has been very successful for over two years.
  13. yup

    Yeah i know teh cpr tries to die after a few months of running. Im doing the MJ 1200 hot mod so i'm hoping that will fix some problems. It is the Reef Version so it never came with the crappy "bio bale" stuff.
  14. im spsing

    im spsing Fire Shrimp

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    I have three REEF CHROMIS in my 29 and they change colors depending on their moods. When i scare them their scales turn all diff. colors rangeing from blue-green-purple-light black. When the lights are on they turn blue/green. And at the end of the day they seem to know when the photoperiod ends so they turn a really pretty but dark purple just before i shut the lights off. Also, the males will turn yellow when mateing. They are veryy sweet lttle fishes.

  15. hot mod

    well they werent available with a Maxi Jet 1200 (i think they might be now) so it just involves getting a MJ1200 and the turbo venturii kit. You can also use the add on surface skimmer with this. Another CPR mod is to find a way to obstruct the flow after the first chamber, this will slow it down and reduce some of the microbubbles that we all hate. Hope this explains it.
  16. me

    i used some small pieces of live rock that fit well, and i mangaed to fit a heater in there on my old tank. I'm trying to avoid putting any sponge in there.
  17. maybe

    If i get a chance to stop at the LFS in shreveport i might pick up a fairy or flasher wrasse tomarrow! I hope i can make it there before they close.
  18. So what kind of livestock list have you came up with ?
  19. list

    ok so now i have...
    2 bar gobies
    1 yellow coris wrasse
    2 percula clowns (adding soon)

    1 fairy wrasse
    1 watchman or other goby
    1 pygmy cherub angel.

    thats my fish list. I havent even started thinking about all the inverts and corals i want.
  20. Re: list

    Curt, sounds like a good list! ;) I would get the Diamond Watchman Goby.JMO. IMO, one of the funniest gobies to observe as he will never stop working and sifting sand, always changing the appearance of the sandbed, and keeping it really clean. Once he finds a lair, you get to watch him every night get ready for bed by building a sand mound in front of his lair to act as a door or shield. Also you are gonna love the Cherub, such a cute little guy that just stays to himself and just swims around lookin' pretty. :lol: 8)

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