The difference between ich & velvet

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    Many people have a hard time telling the difference between ich & velvet, or incorrectly assume all "white spots" are ich. Below are some pics of a Hippo Tang - the first one has ich, the next 4 show velvet.

    Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) - Oval shaped white dots, can usually be counted. These remain on the fish for 3-7 days before dropping off to continue their lifecycle.


    Velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum) - Smaller round white dots. Oftentimes completely covering the fish & too numerous to be counted. These remain 12 hrs - 4 days before dropping off. Velvet is a far deadlier, more dangerous pathogen than ich.

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    Thanks for posting this, great detail in the pictures showing folks the difference.
    I would like to add that depending on the color of the fish you may have to look close at the fins or at multiple angles until you can see the small white dots of velvet.
    Also there will be times as in the beginning of Velvet that some will only see a few small spots and think they see Ick, though this particular nasty (Velvet) has a fast life cycle and the spots will cover the fish in a matter of hours to a day or so.

    Most times when spots are seen by folks new to all this they will think it is Ick, Most of what you will see in a pet store tank will be fish with Velvet even if the spots are not as many or noticeable due to low levels of copper in the holding tanks they may use to subdue or mask the symptoms.
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