time for a bulb change?

Discussion in 'Filtration, & Other Equipment' started by Jcraft, May 14, 2006.

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    I think it may be time to change out my Metal Halide bulbs . . .

    In the last couple weeks, I've been noticing that my SPS haven't been doing that great- polyp extension is still good, as is color, but I haven't seen much growth within the last couple weeks as I did in the past few months.

    A couple other things that I can't explain:
    -A coral that has been at the top of my tank since January and that was coloring up nicely and growing well started getting "burned" on the side that is facing the MH- I also have a frag of the same type a bit lower in the tank that is doing the same thing.
    - I have one baby blue coral whose tips have started dying . . . i have since broke off the tips and relocated it but i was kinda suprised at this since, again, it was in the same spot for 5 months with no problems. All other corals seem to be fine

    Anyway, Ive been reading up and the Phoenix bulbs that Im using seem to change spectrum right around 6-9 months of use. Mine have been in use since October, so im right in that time frame.

    Before I get some bulbs overnited though, I wanted to see if anyone has tried the 14.5k Geismann MegaChrome Coral HQI's. I'm just looking to see what else is out there- I havent tried many different bulbs, but i may end up trying these out

    Thanks, and sorry about the "novel" :)
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    Check with whulljr on this site. He is local and sells M/H bulbs. He may have what you are looking for.

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