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  1. I am about to set up a kent float valve to make a auto top off. My question is what do any of you put in the top off water? anything?

    also if anyone has any pictures of top off systems I would love to see them..

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  3. I recently started using an auto top-off system on my 15 gallon reef system and i dont put anything in the water. The only thing in the bucket is a small pump to keep the water agitated and a heater to ensure the water that is being fed in by the top-off is the same temperature as the water already in the tank. As far as additives in the water, i guess you could make the water rich in calcium so everytime you top off it will keep your calcium in check, also it wouldnt be a bad idea to add a ph buffer to make sure your ph stays in range along with your alkalinity. Ive never tried adding any additives to my top off water, but doing so IMO could not be harmful to your tank in any way. HTH
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