Well Crap!!!!

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  1. Woke up this morning to my echino hosting my pink milli frag. I was waiting to talk to Borneman before glueing some frags and was tooo lazy to glue them after everybody went home last night. I now have a nice little burn on my favorite coral. Bad part is it couldn't fall on the red section, noooo it has to fall right in the middle of the blue.


    Don't mind the lighting, the lights were not even on for 20 secs when the pic was taken.
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    you will be surprized at how quickly it heals.
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    Since it's not perfect anymore, how bout you take your dremel to it? :D
  4. The side laying on the echino is bone white. Hopefully the little bit of live tissue will make it. Either way I was upset when I saw it. That milli glowed in the other guys' tank.
  5. So Sean..... has the Echino made a comeback, and how is the Milli doing, was it a gonner after the fall from grace.
  6. Well..... :?:

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