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Discussion in 'The Reef Tank' started by Jcraft, Jun 12, 2006.

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    I was thinking of trying to build my own sump out of acrylic this week, and am trying to finalize the design.

    I've been thinking of incorporating the 30g cube that I have as a refugium, being fed off the return pump and then draining back into the sump. Underneath that stand would be the calcium reactor, thus freeing up more room under the 120g for bigger sump.


    basically the reds are drains and blues are returns.

    The sump would measure approximately 36"L x 18"W x 16"H (bout 40g?)- not leaving much room in the stand, but that shouldnt be a problem. The right side of the sump where the display is draining would contain a filtersock and the protein skimmer. The first baffle would include a media tray where a filter bag w/ carbon would be placed.
    The second section would be the return- I have a Mag9.5 not being used which Im thinking about using- do you think that would be too much flow? Remember, I would be teeing off to feed the refugium.

    The refugium would drain into the far left chamber, where I would like to have a lil prop tank- nothing too fancy. The water would then flow through baffles to the return section.

    What do ya'll think?

    And what program do ya'll use to design? I used paint and then uploaded to photobucket and look how small it is!
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    two comments - both are about bubble traps.

    The return pump section is in the center, correct? If that's so, then you'll need to make a bubble trap on the left side where the water from the fuge drains to...

    The trap on the right side isn't right unless your planning on drilling holes in the left-most baffle.

    Think about this....water goes OVER the first baffle, making bubbles as it falls over the baffle....the water then has to go UNDER the second baffle where hopefully bubbles cannot follow......then you have the water going OVER another baffle into the return pump section and re-creating all the bubbles you already killed!!! Lose the left most baffle. You only need two in an over/under pattern. Unless you plan on drilling lots of holes in that 3'rd baffle it's not gonna do anything for you...


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