what type of Algae is this?

Discussion in 'What the...?' started by Jcraft, Mar 27, 2006.

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    i noticed this growing in about 3 spots in my tank in the last week-
    the other pics didnt turn out too well, but i have a small tuft growing in an area of very high flow, and others in low to moderate areas. It seems to be growing in patches

    kinda sucks cuz for the last 6 or so months my tank has been doing AWESOME- no algae battles, no losses of any kind . . .

    About a month ago I started losing my big ole Turban snails- i think i have one left when I started with 6 or 7- I chalked the losses up to starvation since between them, my hermits and other snails they kept the tank pretty clean. Now I have a lil hair algae growing in my overflow and diatoms on my back glass . . and now this stuff- could it be bryopsis? Im blaming the CO2 from my Ca reactor for all this!!!
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    jcraft...before even scrolling down to see what u mentioned, bryopsis came to mind first when looking at the picture
  3. I've never had bryopsis before, but I don't think that's it. I thought it was green. It looks a little like this stuff that I see on a lot of bali cultured sps (growing on the base). I always figured it was a calcareous algae cause it has the same purplish color as coralline. I've not seen any negative impact on my corals for it (if it's the same thing), but then again, I have not seen it crop up in a new location on my rock. Do you think that could be it?

    A couple big snail deaths could crank up the nutrients in your system by themselves and fuel that little bit of algae you're talking about. Just a thought.
  4. Any updates on the algae bloom. Im sure algae like that has not gotten out of control, especially in a tank as adjusted and healthy as yours. Im sure by now, it has went away huh ?

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