Work sucks

Discussion in 'The Sump' started by Anonymous, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Work sucks.

    I dont get paid enough.

    The end.

    I just walked a mile to get 4 bottles of water for my boss, then came back to the lab to put bugs in cups for an additional hour.

    And now i dont even have that to look forward too.

    PS. I and Possably Zash are going to see Slowbot at the Spanish Moon on Saturday, any one care to join?
  2. Sorry to hear that.
  3. Pettee86

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    work is a four letter word :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted:
  4. Well on the bright side atleast you get to touch and play with some critters. some of us are stuck with your eyes fixed on the computer screen all day. So in the words of Monty Python "always look on the bright side of life"
  5. bugs in cups? where are you workin?
  6. there were days when i enjoyed playing with real critters

  7. who needs some crabs for their tank

  8. looks like youve got a great job
  9. I used to, those are photos of two of my past jobs. Right now i sit behing a computer playing remote sensing ocaenographer playing with satelite images. But it is not fun being locked away in office I need to get back into the field and have some real fun specialy if there is some dive work included
  10. thats one mad lookin fish. wat kind is it? sorta resembles a deepwater angler or the sort to me.
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    I can chip in.

    At 730pm sunday evening, the 16yo girl I was transporting just up and died in the back of the airplane. She was fine one minute and dead the next. The even worse part was that we were less than 2 minutes from landing in new orleans. We were almost there.....

    So, being I had a long nite last night with a crappy ending, there's nothing else left to do but have a few beers, sleep it off and climb back in the saddle. matter of fact, I'm at work right now...prepping for another med transfer to the same airplane......
  12. its an atlantic wolf fish. They are nasty as can be. They are mean have oen heck of a powerful jaw. I have seen an example of the pacific species break a 2x4 when it bit the board. The funny thing is they are actualy the largest member of the blenny family, Anarrchichadidae so they are relatives of your nice little lawnmower blennies ... lantic.htm
  13. sorry to hear about the lost transport JLouv. Never a good thing to have to deal with
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    Damn...I hope that one was dead already in that picture :)
  15. :shock: whoa. ill never look at a blenny the same way again. ever. but now i so totally wanna see one up close. awesome. and wat where you doing? working on a fishing barge?
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    I know all about work sucking.
    I am a lead mechanic, and have 15 years doing aircraft maintenance. I have a crew of 5 guys none of which have more than a year of experience, but they all think they run the show. I write one of them up and they all whine that I am a d*&k and that I am so unfair and they can hardly wait to get off my crew. One of them decides to challenge my authority, I send his *** home without pay and tell him to come back when his attitude improves and if he decides to not come back, that will be fine too. Then his tune changes and he asks to stay as he has a wife and kids at home. I think all jobs suck, they are all too full of drama and 99.999% of people in the country today don't have the work ethic to deserve the pay they get every 2 weeks.
    Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that out, now off on vacation to fish for steelhead in Idaho!
  17. my brother went to airplane machanic school but no one would hire him! all because he didnt have experiance!
  18. For the pic with the wolf fish i was working as a field research scientist doing contract work for NOAA (national oceanographic and atmospheric administration). Basicaly I was a working on a co-operative project that was atempting to get an idea of the population dynamics for monkfish off of the north east. So i got paid to go play on boats diging throught piles of fish and doing various measurments and sample collections. It was a fun little thing and good resume fodder
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    Since everyone seems to be sharing their story, I'll share mine.

    I use to be a store manager for Blockbuster. That was when work sucked for me. 50 hour weeks, late weekend nights, employees I couldn't fire, and store standards I couldn't question. So a year and a half into my retail career with big blue, I bought my first PJ's Coffee location. Then work really sucked because I worked 90 hour weeks between both places for almost two years. My goal was to never wear a nametag after my 30th birthday. After 20 months, and a month after my 30th birthday, I left Blockbuster to work my business full time. So I missed my goal. A year later I bought my second PJs Coffee. Work doesn't suck for me anymore. In fact, it's pretty cool.

    For all of you around 25 or 30 who think you are in a dead end job, this is important. I was a bottom feeding counter server at PJs for a year and a half. I left PJs to work at Blockbuster having no idea I would ever return to coffee service. Strange but true, I did not know I was buying my first PJ's 60 days before the transaction took place. So never knock where you are in life, it's ALL part of your journey.
  20. renfest1 congrats on the busniss sucess. One day I will be in that boat too but like everything it is all planning and work untill you have the chance to dive in. You must do you time in the trenches befor the joys of being out comes to you

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